The Mick(S02E16)"The Accident"


Ben(Jack Stanton)was the one not invited to a sleepover his classmate Troy was having and Mick(Kaitlin Olson)was not happy about it when he told her,so she,Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)and Alba(Carla Jimenez)decided to get Ben(Jack Stanton)to the sleepover.They convinced Troy’s mother but things went south when Ben called Mick(Kaitlin Olson)at midnight and told her he had peed the bed.Not wanting Ben(Jack Stanton)to be an outcast in school forever,they went to Troy’s house with a bedsheet and pyjamas with Mick(Kaitlin Olson)climbing on the roof and passing the pyjamas and bedsheet through an open window to Ben(Jack Stanton)but when she was spreading the bedsheet,she discovered the pee was on the both side of the mattress thus a need for a change of the mattress.

Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)had an idea where to get a mattress that late at night,he went to a motel and stole a mattress from one of the rooms but not before laying down on the bed and watching tv.Mick(Kaitlin Olson)had invited Alba(Carla Jimenez)to the roof to help with pulling the mattress through the window,when the window got locked by mistake,Mick decided to jump down and Alba(Carla Jimenez)to jump with her but Alba(Carla Jimenez)who was scared of height stayed back and told Mick(Kaitlin Olson)to jump first but decided against it because it was too high but decided to use the soiled mattress to break her fall.After jumping down on the mattress,she got hit by Jimmy’s car and the motel mattress Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)tied to the roof of his car fell down into the mud and could not be used.

Mick(Kaitlin Olson)had an idea that involves Ben(Jack Stanton)peeing on his classmates beds,with no way of getting in,Ben opened the main door and Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)and Mick(Kaitlin Olson got in and helped Ben pee on his classmates bed with Alba(Carla Jimenez)watching through the window.They finished at dawn and as Mick(Kaitlin Olson)and Jimmy were about to get into the car,Troy’s mum(Alex Kapp)came out of the house and ask them what they were doing at her house that early and they told her they were there to pick Ben.

Troy’s mother(Alex Kapp)then told them about the boys all peeing on their beds and bonding over it calling themselves “Pee Brothers”.Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)and Mick(Kaitlin Olson) left with Ben leaving Alba(Carla Jimenez)on the roof.
Meanwhile,watching through the CCTV he planted in Sabrina’s(Sofia D’Elia Black)room,Chip(Thomas Barbusca)and his friend Eduardo saw she couldn’t find her fake ID for the party she was going to with her friend Kelsey and Amanda,with Eduardo been a “Sick Fake ID maker”,Chip offers Sabrina(Sofia D’Elia Black)a deal,Fake IDs in exchange for going to the party with her and her friends.Sabrina(Sofia D’Elia Black)disagreed at first before been convinced by her friends to agree.

Chip(Thomas Barbusca)and Eduardo went to get dressed,then came back to show Sabrina(Sofia D’Elia Black)their “sick look”.She told Chip(Thomas Barbusca)he was trying too hard and told him she was going to help dress well,She took off his jacket and led him back to his room,when the boys came back,the girls were gone with the limo waiting in front of the house.Sabrina(Sofia D’Elia Black)was gloating with her friends on ditching the boys when she got a call from Chip calling her Harriet Tubman and asking her to check her to check the name on her ID.Sabrina(Sofia D’Elia Black)and saw her ID’s name was Harriet Tubman,knowing she had been conned by Chip(Thomas Barbusca),she turned the limo around to go back and pick the boys who had the real IDs.

When they got to the party,the bouncers allowed the girls in even without the IDs Eduardo made for them,he also allowed Eduardo in because he thought Eduardo was Jaden Smith because the name on his ID was Jaden Smith but Chip(Thomas Barbusca)was the only one who was not allowed in even after claiming he was Jaden Smith’s money manager and couldn’t leave in the limo because the limo driver left him too.

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