Tomb Raider(2018)

This film is the video game turned into film that we all have been waiting for peoples! This reboot version for the film of Tomb Raider is definitely a film worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of the video games. When you first went to go see the Angelina Jolie films what did you first expect? Boobs of course! Don’t worry we all thought she was hot as hell back then! But she didn’t really do justice for the Tomb Raider films back then, but with the reboot video games and now the reboot film we can expect great things to happen with both versions of the franchise now in these days!

So this film takes place with a young Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) trying to figure out what might have gotten her father Richard Croft (Dominic West) killed. But what is revealed is a conspiracy that almost gets her killed while on the hunt for an ancient tomb on a deserted island! So with this film being the first reboot it would make sense for the film to be based around the roots of the first reboot video game. Which is exactly what they did; they even took some elements that were important from the first video game and threw them into the movie which made me geek out I’m not going to lie on that.

They especially took from the video game the spiritual villain Himiko who in the film version is a lot different than the video game version which is a good thing to see two different versions of the character play out. What’s different is that the video game version was indeed a storm chaser goddess in some ways and anyone who tried getting close to her tomb would feel her wrath with storm elements like wind like a hurricane and rain like a thunder storm. But in the film version she was detailed to be a sorceress who was a monster to her followers and led them all to their graves and because of her betrayal they locked her in a coffin for all eternity. Like I said it’s two different versions of the character who were played out which was very interesting.

Another character who was played out differently than their video game counterpart is Mathias (Walton Goggins). In the video game Mathias was a crazy wacko who tried giving Lara an option to help him find the lost tomb of Himiko but Lara refused which chose to force Mathias to kidnap Lara’s best friend to be the vessel for Himiko; crazy right? Now the film version of the character is a lot different than that, sure he’s still a crazy guy but he’s a crazy guy with a plan to try to find the lost tomb of Himiko; only to find out that this version of Mathias is working for Trinity organization which controls the organization Panka Industries. Mathias tried getting Lara to help him with the tomb but she refused just like the video game. But like I said both versions of the character are different.

Now the film was indeed really interesting and had a lot of elements that they created just for the film. Like how Lara gets the boat for the exhibition; in the film she hires a man named Lu Ren (Daniel Wu) who gets her to the island. In the film there were also things like boxing which was never in the video games, bicycle racing of catch the fox which was never a part of the video games either. But what was in the video games and the film was the old air plane that gives away which forces Lara to have to use the parachute from the plane to go through the woods. Although I found it to be really weird that no animals were ever found on those islands like how they were in the video game which was always a problem having to fight all those wolves all those hours in the video games. But in the film no animals except maybe one little lizard that was on a tree.

However this film was a fantastic film and I highly recommend you all seeing this one, it’s truly a fantastic retelling of the first rebooted video game but with some extra things to happen as well. It’s a thrilling ride of fun and excitement and you will love every moment of the film just like I did!

Tomb Raider is now out in theaters, go see this film!