A.P. Bio (S01E06) "Freakin' Enamored"

From back shamming of an art piece that leads to protest to a teacher trying to hook up with his student’s mother. Here’s a look at this week’s A.P. Bio.
After failing to get a date in the town and finding out that his enemy is dating Lisa Loeb, Jack asked his students for a plan but gets a surprise when he sees that his students have brought their parents for Parent Day. After calming them down and telling how everyone of their kids is getting an A and given some much feed back, Devin’s mother comes in late and gets Jack’s attention from start. Quickly, Jack and Devin’s mother hit it off quick and comes over for dinner at her place.
Just as when the dinner was going good, Devin shows up and ruins it for Jack. The next day, Jack takes back Devin’s A and turns it into an F and gets the class discussing about dating Devin’s mother. After doing pros and cons, Jack decides to date Devin’s mother and help him build a rocket. But the truth comes out when Devin’s hopes of his real dad would come over and Jack blurs out about what he wanted to do with his mother and both of them tell him to “get!”
Meanwhile, during the Parents Day, parents had concern about Mary’s bareback sketch showing in school and Principle Ralph took it down. That caused the teachers and students to fight for bare back rights and all art. It goes so far that the students were hitting off a Ralph look a like pinata. Ralph did change his mind and gets quite openly about Mary’s art, but she took it away from him.
The next day, Jack learns that he and Devin aren’t that different when it comes to their dads, as both of them hate them, while the others in their class love theirs. Jack decides to help him out again with the father-son rocket but this time they would shoot a golf ball at their rockets but instead lands on one of the kids and they both ran before anyone would see.
“Freakin’ Enamored” was a very well written that had some well developed characters. The performances from Howerton, Oswalt, Jacob McCarthy, Arm and Mary Sohn were amazing and hilarious. Not to mention Lisa Loeb and Erin Hayes’ guest appearance on the show as Miles’ new girlfriend and Devin’s mother.I couldn’t get enough of the Parents Day one on one meeting with Jack, which was amazing especially watching Heather and her parents and Sarika and her mother.  Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
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