Champions (S01E02) "I Think I'm Gonna Tolerate it Here"

Just like they say when you keep a secret, it’s always about to come out sooner than later.
As Vince tries to figure out how to fix the mess he made of selling the gym without having everyone that works there know about it. He learns that he and Matthew has to pay a fine of up with $5,000 to regain the gym. But when Michael, who’s been staying in their apartment too long, steps out and sees Brittney along with the other gym workers. Soon the flood gates break as the coworkers of the gym learn about Michael and that the gym being sold as well.
While dealing with the gym, Vince figures out that Michael was raised spoiled with his unclean habits and such. After getting eaten by the couch, Matthew gives up Vince’s king size bed to Michael, while Vince and Matthew sleep in the other bed, together. It draws tension between them and Matthew decides to move out staying with Ruby.  But after a morning with Michael,Vince comes to terms and not only brings Matthew back home but gets the group together and apologies to all and gets an idea for how they can get the money to pay the fine….from Matthew and Vince’s childhood hoops shooting machine. For which opens up for Michael to have his own bedroom.
“I Think I’m Gonna Tolerate it Here” is another brilliant half hour comedy of humor and heart. From the great writing, strong character development, the performance from the cast members was just amazing, mostly Fortune Feimster as Ruby shines in this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
You can catch Champions Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.