Family Guy (S16E12) "Send in Stewie, Please"

Stewie’ s sent to the School Psychologist office…with no commercial interruptions! So it’s a Stewie-centric tale of non stop…Stewie! “Yay!” 🙌…or not😉
And so we’re welcomed into the office of Dr Craig Pritchard.  Enter Stewie, talking. Appearing unphased by the all consuming, lil’Griffin, he listens. He moves his pen, (yet only wrote 2 lines) saying nothing sipping from a cup. (of what?)  
Stewiespeak continues, unedited no stop, no breath, till, “why are you here, Stewie?” The Dr. says
Stewie immediately notices the British accent. It’s just like his! The attempt at bonding in similarity fails, cause the Doc doesn’t hear it. #accent 👂#snap  But to hear Stewie at all is amazing, innit?
Stewie jumps up & starts to analyse…the Doc!  What?! Methinks in retaliation. He begins to profile with the best, based on office surroundings and a mere picture of “Craig and Michael ”
It was the best of the best in BAU, out of the mouths of babes! He went in on 26 year old Michael, Doc’s husband, wife, significant other or “boo thang” like classic Hotch #thomasgibson He was brilliant, decimating Craig. #ouch Yet a shred of dignity remainded, when the rattled Doc, simply turned the picture over! And asked…
“You seem like a very lonely little boy” And then all of the hot air is released and Stewie cries. And right here the therapy begins, with only  12 minutes left,  in this no commercial episode!  
We learn Stewie does Yoga, he’s fluid, not homosexual…but not sure. He likes musicals and does a snot nose version of a Hamilton rap  (I don’t know, haven’t seen it) But the nose run was long, bubbly and green, very green #ewww😝and hella’nasty. #nasty 
He also pushed a classmate, Tyler down the stairs, ergo, off to see the psychologist. #angermanagement
He thinks Quaghog is a garbage dump and Lois is a useless old slut.  In the midst of all this he hic cups. #hotmess
Doc Cecil tells an unrelated tale of wwii, that was too long to make relevant. So he encourages his patient to simply “be himself” And right here we’re reminded of the many “faces” of Stewie as he speaks  first in his own voice, #sethmcfarland then ALL of his others. …including Roger #Americandad,  Petah Griffin and  the “giggity-giggity, aw’ right!”  of Glen Quagmire #cool  😎
Stewie is “cured”  from whatev brought him to the Doc in the first place. Yet before he leaves the Doc grabs his chest in an apparent heart attack.💔 He asks Stewie for his meds, since he’s going in that direction anyway.  Stewie does not comply; because…
 The Dr is the only one who knows his true identity. ..90% of Seth McFarland enterprises! So he lets him die. The secret is safe.  Uh?! #wth
‘Didn’t like it. The first in 16 years. Ain’t nuthin’ funny about a baby or any human denying life to another. I’m looking forward to sum’n better next week.  The degenerative Family Guy with the usual & customaty “NORMAL”  Petah & Lois, the guys, the kids and the talking dog…that sometimes sings with his BFF, a 2 year old with a British Accent.
Oh. and Doc’s husband, Michael calls, leaves a message, that he wants a “di vose”  Indeed. It just wasn’t his day! 
Family Guy airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m Pacific Time