Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S05E13) "Principia"

Gravitonium. That’s the name of this game. Why? Because our team needs more of it to seal the rift to the fear dimension. But where can we get it?
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The last time we saw it in our time frame, it was in HYDRA’s possession, specifically their Cybertek division. So the obvious direction of that investigation takes our team to HYDRA scientists, but all of them are listed as dead within the past 2 years.
Even more suspiciously, one name popped up as having been the guy signing the death certificates on all these guys. Daisy, May, Mack and Coulson go for a quick jaunt out of the Lighthouse to find this dude.
Things coulda gone pear shaped except for the fact the guy they were looking for knew Mack from the good ol’ days at S.H.I.E.L.D. academy. His name is Tony Caine, but Mack knew him as the Candy Man because he could get people whatever they wanted. Incidentally, Mack’s nickname was Mack Hammer. (He shoulda known better than tell people back then he was a bigtime MC Hammer fan in high school. I’m just sayin.’)
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Tony gives them the 411. Just as there was a program called Project Paperclip to give worthy Nazi scientists a second chance, the same was done for Hydra. Tony’s job was to relocate and cover for these guys. He agrees to help find the specific Cybertek scientist once Mack tells him the world is at stake.
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Doctor Joseph Getty, who wasn’t a willing participant when he worked with Cybertek is more than happy to let them know how to track down the gravitonium. The bad news is that it sunk after a storm and is lost forever. Or so they think. Thanks to Deke, they realize they need to look up, not down (more on that later). Good going, Deke!
One hop, skip and a Quinjet jump later, they find the Principia floating in mid air, the crew long since dead. Clearly gravitonium is in play. Mack bags the goods and they’re off. Or, well, they would’ve been were it not for the evil ninja bots that had been left behind. No worries, Mack Hammer is on the case.
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Now we have gravitonium and a couple murder bots to use to build arms for Yo-Yo. Great thinking, Mack!


Remember Alex Braun aka Werner Von Strucker? The last time we saw him, Lincoln was zapping his brain while he was in the memory recall machine. It turns out that little trick did a number on the young dude. Now he can remember EVERYTHING. Not only facts but also sensations, pains. Every beating or pain inflicted on him.
And hey, I held a grudge against him when he tried to kill Andrew but no one deserves to be tortured the way Ward and his crew brutalized him.
Hale now has Werner, who now wants to be called Alex, after retrieving him from potentially being drugged into oblivion. (That’s what happens when you stab your therapist with a pen, Alex!)
He sees Ruby and remembers them knowing each other as kids. Him getting beaten because she was injured when he was supposed to be looking out for her. He sees Hydra written all over this scenario and he wants none of it.
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Hale wants his knowledge…specifically, his memories. But he doesn’t believe her when she says this isn’t a Hydra thing and wants to leave. So she tasks Ruby to motivate him to stay.
She goes to him and tells him how her mother is a monster, that she’s been using Ruby to play against him by orchestrating every moment of every encounter, including the whole “knife to the throat” thing and she suggests they work together to achieve their own agenda. What game Ruby’s playing is unclear, but Alex decides to stay because of her.
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Puppy Deke was driving poor Fitz nuts with all his questions and enthusiasm. In truth, Fitz is a grumpy gus at the best of times but Deke takes his grumpiness to a new level.
Irritated at Fitz and enjoying exploring all that the Lighthouse has to offer, Deke finds a box of Twinkies. So of course, that’s when his mom shows up.
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Deke knows it isn’t her but enjoys the moment nonetheless. That is until a Kree warrior shows up and ruins the fun. When Jemma arrives, Deke is still shaken and he vents at her a bit about Fitz thinking he’s an idiot.
But an idea sparks in his mind about the Principia and the fact that given it was in a storm and had gravitonium on board, there’s a good chance the storm charged the gravitonium, sending the cargo ship straight up.
He was right of course, and the team sends word their own their way with the gravitonium. Deke’s ready to give Jemma and Yo-Yo the good news when he overhears Simmons encouraging Elena with the same quote his mom used earlier, something she repeated from her mother. The pieces fall quickly into place: Jemma is his grandmother!
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Lingering Questions:

  • Will Project Deathlok provide the solution to save Coulson?
  • Since when is Mack afraid of heights? He said in Season 2 that heights didn’t bother him
  • How long have the Twinkies been sitting in that box???

Favorite Moments:

  • Daisy and May vowing to be Coulson’s shield
  • Deke enjoying his Twinkies
  • Fitz grumpily agreeing to play fetch with the grandson he didn’t know he had
  • Tony promising to look into the Deathlok program to see if he can find anything to help the team save Coulson
  • The very touching scene where Jemma encourages Elena
  • Deke realizing Jemma and Fitz are his grandparents

Final Thoughts:
In some ways, “Principia” felt like a filler episode. That said, our team got the gravitonium it needs to seal the rift to the fear dimension, Mack got robo arms for Yo-Yo and Deke learned more about his family tree. All in all, an enjoyable episode but nothing earth shattering (only cargo ship dropping).
I give “Principia” 4.25 flying HYDRA cargo ships out of a possible 5.
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