Chicago PD Season 5 (E01-17)

The fifth season of Chicago PD has been one of it’s best season so far.

With the departure of Erin Lindsay, who leaves for the FBI in New York City at the end of Season 4, the Intelligence Unit has taken not only some changes professionally but also personal as well in the new season. The CPD and the Intelligence Unit deals with a new “reform” package that deals with the issues of what’s been going on with the CPD in recent years.

With Halstead dealing losing Lindsay, goes through some personal challenges that leads to his actions on an undercover case. When he gets too attached to the sister of an accomplice in a murder. But when that case is done, Halstead gets in a relationship with the sister but when an undercover Federal agent gets killed, he tries to save her while Voight and Upton pressure him to not only turn her in but also the murderer as well. Halstead told her the truth and after being in a therapy session, he seems to be doing well. Even working with Halley Upton, who was came on at the end of last season, joins the unit and makes a great duo with the name #Upstead.

Speaking of Upton, I really didn’t get her character til she came face to face working with her old partner, for which he gets killed and she was the one in trouble not being there. But she tries solving the case with even her partner and squad not having her back and figures out the truth that he killed himself and tried to frame someone for it.

Antonio comes back to the squad from working with the State’s Attorney (after Chicago Justice get cancelled) and takes on a case where his own daughter sees a murdered victim and asked if he was going to solve it. He makes a promise but that promise wouldn’t be kept as it was hard to convicted the person of doing it without solid proof. But Voight makes sure the guy seeks punishment and gets the gang of another victim to do it by given them a tip.

Burgess comes back after an absence being with her sister and has been showing a darker edge to her than ever before. During one case, when it leads to the man that abducted and raped her sister, she let one of the accomplice try to make a deal and to have him confess but instead kills him. Meanwhile, Atwater deals with family issues when it’s not safe for his brother and sister to stay with him and has them move with an aunt and uncle. But also deals with the face of his past when he gets taken and chained with the father of the son that he killed. But the two makes amends.

For the 100th episode, both CPD and CFD come together in one of it’s best two show crossover since the bombing at Chicago Med in Season 1 and in Season 2 w/finding the arsonist that killed Shay. When a number of news media personality are getting killed, it led to a journalist, who was fired for fake news about him.

The partnership of Voight and Al might be in jeopardy when the body of the murder suspect that killed Voight’s son has been found at a construction site. This is happy days for Woods, who’s been trying to get something dirty on Voight to get rid of him and even teaming up with Ruzek to do so. But with Voight not blinking twice, it’s Al who gets caught as his figure prints were found along with a woman (who happens to be Erin). Al asked Voight for help with money for the lawyer but he couldn’t do it as it was a trust fund for his grandson. We know that for Voight it goes so far as to Erin but for Al, where will the buttons be pushed too much? We’ll just have to find out.

Season 5 of Chicago PD has been an intense and gritty season yet. I want to all this the dark side of CPD with the stories have been much gritter than before and given such well developed characters. Yeah I do miss Sophia Bush on the show, but I can understand why she left the show, but with her leaving it did make the show a bit better in storytelling. The cast has put on some amazing performances so far this season and I can’t wait to see where the season goes from here with Voight v. Woods and not to mention where Antonio and Brett’s relationship are going because something is coming for them (this week on Chicago Fire’s 2 hour “movie event”). So far I give this season a 8.5/10.

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