Legends Of Tomorrow(S03E15): "Necromancing the Stone"

Well folks we have been bewitched! To another phenomenal episode, this whole episode was so good, really good! I am so impressed with this episode and we had the second arc towards Constantine’s (Matt Ryan) appearance on Legends for this season, now if we were told correctly there will be one more episode where Constantine comes to help to make the rumor’s of a three story arc true. Lets hope that rumor is true so far it has been with Constantine being brought on two different episodes. Now we shall wait to see if it happens for a third, but we will get to that in a little bit.

So with this episode we had the death totem activated through Mallus (John Noble) forcing it to activate but only to Sara (Caity Lotz) to get her to become possessed by the demon. But of course Sara couldn’t resist the call to the totem and becomes possessed by Mallus which changed her hair to a silver type of hair. I have to say I really liked the silver hair, they could call her “The Silver Canary” no, no you guys don’t think so. I mean she could still be called the White Canary even with silver hair, in my opinion. But if Sara ever gets the silver hair again lets make sure shes not possessed anymore by a demon.

Lets talk about what we all want to talk about though, having John Constantine back for another round with the demon Mallus! I mean come on guys, this season has been the perfect season for Constantine and the fans of the character, including myself, can agree with that. There hasn’t been any other season that has been perfect until now for the introduction of the famous character. Ever since the NBC Constantine series was canceled all fans have been trying their best from 2015 to now to get Constantine on something. Sure we get a animated series coming to The CW Seed this month I think, but now we also got news about Constantine on Legends as a series regular for the next season which means the next seasons villain must be either a magic caster, an evil mage, another demon, whatever the villain maybe there’s a reason for Constantine to become added as a regular member of the legendary Legends and we will find out soon!

With only three episodes left, we have to wonder if the magnificent spellcaster, demonologist, and exorcist will be back for this season! Lets just face it that scene with Constantine and Ava (Jes Macallan) was perfect with them sitting in the spellbound circle wanting to help Sara out. I want more scenes like that in future, if possible! Lets just hope that we do get Constantine back to finish his three part story arc with the Legends this season. I would really love to have him be there for the season finale that way he just joins in immediately with the Legends next season, if we do get another season. Its been thanks to Constantine that the ratings have gone up with every episode he’s been in for the Legends so it makes sense that they add him for the season finale to get ready for an exciting ride into Season 4 if and when the series gets renewed!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow(S03E16): “I,Ava” airs next Monday March 26, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW