Life Sentence (S01E02) “Re-Inventing The Abbotts”

Stella and Wes, played by Lucy Hale and Elliot Knight, are visited by an INS agent and they have to prove their marriage is real or Wes might be sent back to London.  While studying the questions that may be asked of them they learn new things about each other.  Some of the questions are thought provoking while others bring out more secrets that they kept from each other.

They learn how many people they each have slept with, how significant Wes’ previous relationship was and if Stella is prepared to go to London if Wes gets deported.  The more they learn about each other the stronger their connection becomes and they continue to fall in love with each other.  Stella’s mother Ida, played by Gillian Vigman, has accepted a very low offer on the house and no one can understand why she is so quick to sell the house.  Ida has moved on to a new relationship with a family friend, Poppy, played by Claudia Rocafort, to the dismay of her husband and the rest of the family.  Everyone is having a hard time accepting her as a bi-sexual.  It turns out she wants to get rid of the house as soon as possible because it does not hold any good memories for her “this is the house where my baby got sick”.  Stella’s brother Aiden, played by Jayson Blair, is in a bit of trouble when he learns the married woman he has been dating is pregnant.  He has to face her and decide what to do.  There were some excellent scenes with Aiden and his father that showed their past history and the effect that Stella’s cancer has had on their relationship.  I hpe to see their relationship repaired and get stronger in the future.

Joining the cast in the third episode are NáDej Bailey as Sadie Carter and Riley Smith as Dr. Will Grant.

“Clinical Trial and Error” airs Wednesday March 21st at 9/8c on The CW.