The Arrangement (S02E02) “Surface Tension”

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We get a little bit of everything in tonight’s episode. There are plenty of anvils dropped. I really enjoyed watching it. I just wish we stayed in one lane. Shall we get started?

Everything’s Going to be Alright.

You know something is wrong when Deann (Lexa Doig) starts asking questions. Last night she was questioning Terence (Michael Vartan) on Kyle (Josh Henderson) and Megan (Christina Evangelista) status quo. It was right from the beginning that several anvils would be dropped. The Marilyn Monroe comparison… You know Marilyn was drugged with a lot of pills too. Instead of using liquor they are using them in the tea, IHM. Megan welcoming everyone to her company. “Creative Partners Agency”? (Our girl is talking in haikus, I tell you.) You tell me the drugs aren’t affecting this poor girl? It’s like day to night. The next thing we know, Kyle is being interviewed by some DJ. He asks, “Why would you fire yourself from your own movie?” (Good question, right? He did it all for love? I am not so sure. Did he do it because he is playing his part at IHM. Sounds more spot on.) Kyle reminds me of a spoiled kid who gets infatuated with someone. After a while he loses interest in them. We are left wondering from the way Megan is acting, if maybe she is pregnant? (Maybe or maybe not? I am saying yes.)  Is someone trying to hurt Megan? The unborn child? Who could it be now? (I say it is Terence.)

The Poison Running thru My Veins.

Deann is with her new girlfriend lying in bed, plotting of ways to ditch Terence. (If only… You know you are never escaping him, girl!) The meeting of the year is about to take place! Finally, it’s   for Lisbeth (Ashley Hinshaw) and Megan to meet up. One peculiar thing, something is wrong with Lisbeth. I am talking major. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was watching “Attack of the Clones” or “Terminator”. Lisbeth warns Megan “I have to be careful who I interact with. The world is extremely toxic. They poisoned me. My food and my water. Kyle, loves you, doesn’t he?” She repeats this on autodial. It’s frightening. I am talking “Stepford Wives frightening.”


The next thing you know Kyle and Megan are doing a photo-shoot. This is what I mean about jumping around. What happened? Weren’t we just watching Megan and Lisbeth? Anyway, Kyle and Megan are rocking it out (should I say punk-rocker styling it out) at a photo-shoot. It was real cute, and I loved it. Let’s keep it real and get back on the plot.  We see Terence, son leaving the ice rink. The next thing you know KARMA is coming for him. It’s a man with a loaded gun straight at his head. Today was not his day to die. His life was spared. He should thank whatever the hades he believes in. Will he become a better person from this? (Probably not.)

Another One Bites the Dust.

It’s premiere night of “Technicolor Highway” and Kyle and Megan are walking the red carpet. Terence is drunk. I mean really drunk. (I mean shizzle face drunk, hey we’ve all been there.) Question, Megan knows Lisbeth is a robot being poisoned by IHM. Yet, she won’t go to a doctor to get checked out? They are walking the red carpet, the next thing you know Megan goes down! The news media is updating everyone on Megan’s condition. Is it drugs, stress or eating disorder? Right away, snarky Terence says: “Drugs.” In which Kyle shoots him down and says, “no way.” Later, back at the house, Megan is very upset. Kyle is there for her. It was a touching scene.


Shaun (Carra Patterson) thinks she could have the upper hand. She is going to be taken to the “facilities” by James. The catch is, the only way he will take her there is if she is “blindfolded”. They do not allow non-IHM members there. You do your best girl. Terence keeps getting PTSD flashbacks from the whole life altering event. So now we have Terence freaking out and Kyle and Megan freaking out. This won’t end well. This is where everything starts literally turning into a soap opera. Megan is trying to break Kyle down. “I pretended to be people all the time.” – Kyle. “Contract can be broken.” – Megan. (Are you speaking of the iron clad Arrangement, Megan sweetie?) We get re-introduced to Xavier and Nacine, remember them? The couple that Kyle and Megan double dated with back in Season 1?

Kyle shows Nacine some artwork upstairs. (I’m getting the weirdest vibe from these two. Almost as something might happen?) While Xavier (Ruffin Prentiss) plays the piano and they talk about their mothers. You could see the chemistry between them. (Or should we be focusing on these two?)  Meanwhile, back at camp creep-dom, Terence and Deann are watching a tape of Xavier and Megan at the piano. Terence later talks with Megan. He wants to work with her to find out “What’s causing her pain.”
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