Black Lightning (S01E09) "The Book of Little Black Lies"

This has been another great episode! I’m glad that the family finally knows about them being the superhero family it makes for the series to grow and expand in future seasons. This episode though did reveal Anissa/ Thunder’s (Nafessa Williams) suit and it was badass! Lets get to the review!

So with this episode we had Anissa (Nafessa Williams) reveal to Jennifer (China McClain) about their father Jefferson (Cress Williams) is Black Lightning which freaked out Jennifer but that was bound to happen especially when they never knew who Black Lightning is and all of a sudden have that bomb shell brought on to you. But eventually Jennifer started thinking about who else has powers especially with Anissa showing off her thunder to her little sister!

Now was it the smart move, not really I mean they could’ve tried coaxing Jennifer into the deep family secret but instead they had to rush it and make Jennifer start thinking about everything and think about her future. No teenager should have to think about their future of possibly not having the ability to have a family especially with Jennifer’s ability sparking things to their death all the time I mean there’s a reason why they call Jennifer’s superhero name Lightning! Cause those sparks hit you like how lightning strikes hit people. But with Jennifer worried about her future goals, I think what really got audiences tonight was when she mentioned to her mom Lynn (Christine Adams) asking her if she was either Vixen or Supergirl or Powergirl. Which all three are a part of the Arrowverse DC Universe of the CW. However because the show is not connected to the Arrowverse during season 1; the other possibility is that Jennifer has read comics in her childhood like how most of us have. I mean does make sense cause all DC Comics stories are alive as comic books in the universe of Black Lightning series. Like we know that Supergirl comics exist, we know The Outsiders comics exist, and now we know that Vixen comics exist in the universe of Black Lightning. Which makes me believe that all DC Comics comic books exist in this universe.

Now just because they throw down these names of heroes doesn’t mean anything, it could just be names. Like how the creator of the series said that this series is separate from the already made Arrowverse shows which gives them more freedom to just throw down the names of the superheroes and for them not to mean anything at all. Would it be nice if one day this series could be a part of the Arrowverse, sure but if they are going to introduce it; most likely what they will do is have either Barry/The Flash or Kara/Supergirl use their abilities to make the breeches to be breeched onto their earth and have to find a way back. I mean would make a good episode but who knows if they will really do anything like that. But it probably wont happen for a very long time though but we will see!

Now Anissa/Thunder’s suit looks way better on the series than what they had pictured for the promotion pictures even! I mean the lighting they have on the suit literally makes it more awesome and cool looking than anything. Her suit literally has the calling of Thunder to it when you look at it on the series. It’s definitely a great suit that they have made and I was impressed with it. Now all we need is to have Jennifer’s Lightning suit on the series and this series would have the whole superhero family package set to fight crime!

We also saw moments from Gambi’s (James Remar) past this episode of what he would do when he worked for the company and it is one of the skeletons in his closet that he will forever have to keep secret. But he found out that there are more kids being made with the superhero serum. Which makes you wonder why the agency is still continuing it? But thats a question for next weeks episode!

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S01E10): “Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption” airs Tuesday March 27, 2018 on 9/8c on The CW