Chicago Med (S03E12) "Born This Way"

This week’s episode of Chicago Med was surly an unforgettable one.

Let’s face it, we don’t know where this relationship between Rhodes and Bekker are going and quite frankly I would like to see where this is going. There might be something there, some kind of spark ever since they’ve been working together. After their one night, their relationship takes a test when one of Rhodes’ patient comes in with in need of a lung transplant. Bekker questions Rhodes with the decisions he’s taken for the patient, but things seems to get worse each step he takes. But that all changes when Bekker and Rhodes questions the ECMO and found out that there was a clot in the machine and soon takes him to the OR for his lung transplant. But their relationship takes a bit of a turn when Bekker breaks it off with him.

After pulling a night shift, Ethan and Natalie goes beyond the works in the hospital to help treat a pregnant homeless teen that’s in labor and running a fever. But when the teen doesn’t want to go in the ER due to DCFS will put her back into the system, Ethan takes the chances and helps deliver the baby outside in the cold. As the delivery takes a drastic turn, the baby was born safe but the teen, who still doesn’t want to go to Med, makes the hardest decision to give her baby up.

Dr. Charles, who’s been in between the latest reunion of Sarah and her father, sees that Sarah’s father might be pulling something over her with his health condition. Looking at his brain scan and getting a second opinion fro Nero, it seems that Sarah’s father has a bit of a psychopathic mind and confronts him in a session and asked him to tell Sarah the truth about his health and what he wants her to do to help. But when he actually does, it seems that Sarah’s dad only told her half of the truth, which puts Charles in a tight position.

Halstead and April treat a patient that is suffering from a curable cancer, with caught early he could beat it. But in this case, the patient doesn’t want anything to do with treatment and wants to die because he’s a pedophile. With April not wanting to help the guy, Halstead tries his best to help him, even if it’s not what the patient wants. With no hold from Reese, the patient’s health takes a turn for the worst and Halstead, who tries to convince the man to let him help, follows his wishes and holds his hand til the end.

When the hospital is in a lawsuit from a patient, who says that the EMT passed him by due to he had no insurance, makes the claims that it was Maggie’s idea. When Goodwin confront it about her, they pulled the EMT, who made the statement that it was Maggie’s idea and when they confront him it all makes sense with the pizza room situation. The pizza room is for the EMT so they could bring in the better patients, who have the best insurance so the hospital can get paid. Goodwin decides to shut it down but the hospital board won’t accept it as it’s bring too much money in.

“Born this Way” was an excellent one hour episode that good writing and character development. The performance from the cast was amazing, from Gehifuss, Brian Tee, Donnell and Norma Kuhling, who might have a nice breakout performance as her character opens up to help parents of a boy in a need of a lung transplant, help with guidance. I don’t know about you but I want to see here this Rhodes/Bekker thing is going, even if she does break if off with him at the end. What would be the nickname for these two? I thought that the Halstead story was a chilling and so brilliantly written. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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