Timeless (S02E02) “The Darlington 500”

It’s clear that the entire crew from Timeless still has their petal to the metal – figuratively and literally speaking. Lulling us into the 50’s with “Earth Angel” playing in the background seems like the perfect pairing to begin this episode – especially considering it was written by the Penguins, but later covered and popularized even further by an all-white group – The Crew Cuts. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Timeless has found a way to touch not only pieces of history and how Rittenhouse has altered it, but true historical nuance – racial injustice and all that goes with it.

This week our bit of history lesson comes via NASCAR legend Wendell Scott (Justin Lubin), who wasn’t just the first African-American stock car racer, but also the first to win in NASCAR’s highest level of racing. We only see a speck of what he battled in his race to be the best, but it’s hard not to admire this him after this episode – whether you’re a racing fan or not. Our trusted writers (Jim Barnes, Eric Kripke & Shawn Ryan) have an uncanny way of blending fact and fiction as we see Rittenhouse slyly written in to our characters adventure through racing history.

I have to remind myself, history and present have a tendency to get a little timey-wimey in this epic show. I’m absolutely perplexed at how the writers keep it all together, but they keep finding ways to step up their game and expand the story. That being said, can we talk about Jiya’s (Claudia Doumit) hallucination slash vision? At the beginning of the episode she has a moment, let’s just call it that for now, where she sees Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) working on a car and some sort of burn or rash seems to form on his forearm.  One blink later, she’s looking at an unharmed Rufus. Flash forward (or is it backward?) to 1955 and we see Rufus actually get burnt as Wendell is telling him to stay of his engine. What. Is. Happening?! Is she seeing time flashes? Is she infected by time? This HAS to do with the blackouts she’s been experiencing. I don’t know exactly what you’re up to writers, but I’m for it.

I feel like they threw us another little twist right at the end of this weeks saga. Dear mom (Susanna Thompson) is getting a healthy dose of character development herself these days, as we close up shop with Nicholas Keynes marveling at his own designs of world salvation, or as Lucy and the gang might call it, domination:

“Until it reaches perfection everlasting. We few will save the world.”

Her reaction is absolutely priceless as the weight of her choices FINALLY seems to dawn on her. Just inches away we see the face of her other daughter Emma (Annie Wersching,) his words seem to have quite the opposite effect. Where and when will these two finally butt heads? I don’t know, but I’m ready for it.

Timeless is quickly racing towards being one of my favorite shows. There is a good reason that fans were able to bring this one back for a season 2 and it has lived up to the hype. Season 2 is gearing up to be even better than the first, if I do say so. I guess only time(less) will tell.

Next episode: ”Hollywoodland” Sunday, March 25th @ 10/9c