UnREAL (S03E04) “Confront”

As usual there was tons of drama in this instalment of UnREAL, ranging from career ending moves all the way to down right petty silliness. As they say, variety is the spice of life. Surprisingly most of it came from the men this time around, though the juiciest goes to the reporter visiting the set. Robin (Stacey Farber) manages to cause some real chaos just by being present, and doesn’t stop there. She picks at both Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and Madison (Genevieve Buechner), whom end up having a deep cutting argument in front of her. She also ends up making her way to Serena (Caitlin FitzGerald), a person she was never supposed to be close to. Having a chaotic outsider like this in the mix is going to spell big trouble for our crew, as Robin is not going to keep any of it to herself. I hope she appears again and isn’t just a single episode character, as she has a lot to offer. Like Quinn, Rachel, Serena, and even Madison, she comes off as a strong and driven woman who can take care of herself. A show can not have enough strong women that’s for sure! Especially with all the testosterone this season.

The Man bun inquisition is in full swing this week, following what is technically an assault on August (Adam Demos). His glorious mane was cut in the dead of night by a rival housemate, causing him to erupt and demand an immediate investigation into the culprit. After some long grilling by the producers, they manage to convince one of the guys to take the fall. In true ‘Everlasting’ fashion they create a spectacle almost a la Survivor. It doesn’t go quite as smoothly as the team would hope, as good ol’ Billy (Tyler Hynes) steps up to claim the act after Zach (Melvin Gregg) “confesses”. They argue and Billy insists they check the footage. Unfortunately it shows the social media icon and not him. Thankfully Billy is cut at the end of the episode, much to the joy of Serena.

Speaking of Serena, she has her fair share of conflict this episode as well. She begrudgingly accepts Rachel’s proposition to take Alexi (Alex Sparrow) on the one on one in exchange for alone time with August, asserting that he’s the one she really wants to pursue. Shockingly though, she has a fantastic time with Alexi, but it doesn’t last long. After the date ends filming, that tricky reporter manages to corner Serena and let her know how the guys are being produced. It’s no secret to us how strategic the producing team is, but the contestants tend to be a little more ignorant to their ways. Serena immediately confronts Rachel, whom responds using essential honesty. She comes clean about everything, including August sleeping with Quinn. This only causes Serena to grow more upset and storm off.

With the episode being so crazy, we did still get a great Rachel/Quinn moment. Rachel wonders if Quinn really wants her to get better, and us in the audience know the answer is no. Quinn may be Rachel’s friend, but she also sees her as her greatest tool. She has been moulding Rachel since they first met, often seeing her ruthless demeanour as way for forge her apprentice into a worthy successor. She even remarks to Madison that she treated Rachel horribly in the beginning to toughen her. Quinn herself had a hard time coming up in the business, so it is understandable that she would be jaded. She doesn’t handle her trauma in a healthy way, often turning to vodka and anger to ease her pain. The more stressed she becomes, the more she drinks. Currently she’s at roughly 2-3 bottles a day, and the only person who seems to want to stop her is Madison. It’s not that Rachel doesn’t care, it’s jut that right now she’s in a pretty deep state of denial and tunnel vision. She is also dealing with her own basket filled with problems.

The biggest bombshell thus far was Rachel confronting her molester. We have seen her looking at his photos and watching him, but it was unclear until now as to exactly who he was. Through their intense conversation we learn that at he had been a patient of her mothers. One night while doing some “experimental therapy” at her home, Rachel happened to see. Wanting to make sure she was ok he followed her. He claimed she acted curious and said her age was 17, but she informs him that she was 12. Immediately you can see guilt set over him, so much so he needs to leave. My hope is that this issue is further discussed, as it is not only serious, but incredibly important to be addressed fully. Statutory rape and molestation are unfortunately very common, and most often happens with someone the younger person trusts. This is one of those topics that is sensitive, but is more relevant than ever with the #Metoo movement. We can only hope that the more it is discussed, the easier it will be for victims to come forward. Ideally it may even prevent further assaults, as information is the worlds strongest weapon.