Alterna Comics: Go West (Issue 02)

Alright everybody so I read another great story that came from Alterna Comics line of comics that are going to be released soon in comic book stores. As you all know I reviewed the first issue of Go West, and you all know how in my review I worshiped the first issue you all are going to be hearing me worship this issue too. But lets get to the review!

Alright guys and gals, we once again have another great part of the three part story of Go West, which is kind of a combination of so many western stories or at least thats what it feels like. I get mostly a feel of Dark Tower from Stephen King when I read the first issue but now in this second issue it has the feel of Dark Tower meets Negan and Rick from The Walking Dead. Now before you all jump to defending these references hear me out! So in this issue we meet a woman that goes by the name of Lilly, now when I was first reading when it got to Lilly’s part in the story I was immediately thinking this is kind of what Rick does in the Walking Dead to keep his people safe. And Lilly goes through the exact same ways, so immediately I felt interested in this second issue. Now that justify’s why I say one part the other part of The Walking Dead reference I give is because of the main villain who kind of has the personality of Negan from the Walking Dead, the main villain’s name is Creep and yeah he does act like a creep but his personality really makes you think I’ve seen this in a villain type before you’ll know once you read the issue trust me.

But what I love is that this issue leaves off right where we all left off in issue number 1 which is a beauty because most comic stories don’t do that, most comic stories do what is called a time jump where in one issue we see a event that has happened in lets say the year 2011 and then next issue we end up finding out later in the issue that it jumped to the year 2018 and never really explains what happened in that time jump or anything. Because they try keeping their viewers interested with those time jumps but this series we don’t have to worry about that. Which is good because if there ever was a time jump it would make for a horrible story for a three part comic.

Now the creator of the comic story Garrett Gunn, I can tell that he definitely did a whole lot of research before creating this story for our readers. Reason I say that is because I can tell in issue 1 and now in issue 2 that the writing and the way how the characters speak for the most part that it’s definitely a western story but it also has English speaking like how we all speak to each other today as well. I mean yes its a western futuristic story where its with western elements but has some futuristic things as well like motorcycles and horses. But Garrett has done a fantastic job creating this wonderful western world that all western readers would love to read over and over again.

Saint Yak is the interior art and cover artist which for the cover I have to say is really creative and unique. You don’t really see a whole lot of western covers have the main character etched out in blood for the cover thats what I meant but the cover being unique. I still really like the way how the art is done in the comic itself which thanks to Saint, all of Garrett Gunn’s creations can come to life on these beautiful pages. Now Sean Forney who does the coloring only for the cover he did a very colorful and beautiful job whenever I see art like this I always want to cry because it’s beautiful and fantastic! This whole comic is a beautiful piece of art that should be cherished by all comic lovers old and new.

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: Go West (Issue 03: Trials End) will be available in May