Britannia (S01E08)

The penultimate episode of the series is filled with the kind of political intrigue and magic which we have seen as building up over the course of the episodes, but here we reach its pinnacle- well almost so, it’s like the slight calm before the storm hits in the finale.

Aulus is getting desperate and so he employs a few assassins who themselves are criminals under the senate to find cait and bring him her head.

Meanwhile cait is reluctant to say goodbye to her father but he convinces her that children go on their own adventures and then return back to tell their dads the stories of adventure, except that even he knows that there is a really slim chance that he, a blind man will survive in the forest for long. But regardless, he sends her with Divis on the journey. There they bicker and due to Cait’s inability to properly chant the incantations, almost fall prey to three Roman soldiers. They escape but it makes Cait question her usefulness and self worth especially since Divis can’t remember the full prophecy.

Kerra is going through her own crisis as she realizes that she has been cornered on all sides by the Romans and Antedia. It’s winter, her people are starving and there’s barely any food left. A surrender to the Romans isn’t possible because of the defiance she showed Aulus earlier when she refused to hand over Cait to him and even if she does surrender, Antedia will slaughter her people regardless. But the greatest betrayal comes to her from her advisor, lover and confidant Lindon who is actually a spy for Antedia. To make matters worse he sets the remaining grain store ablaze. The shot of Kerra being held back by the arms of Lindon as she watches the last source of food for her people go up in flames and the despair and helplessness on her face is especially haunting.

Divis earlier had stated that the prophecy had the saviour being chased by three enemies and while both of them interpret that as being chased by those three Romans but later on, by the riverside when Divis is able to finally remember the prophecy fully, his last words remain: ‘I was wrong’ as he is murdered by one of the assassins sent by Aulus to find cait, who has sunk into depression and hopelessness upon the realization that she has abandoned her father and so she tries to commit suicide. This act of suicide was foreshadowed earlier by veran holding a piece of string looped together in the shape of the noose.
Speaking of veran, he seems to have charmed or controlled Aulus’s right hand man Titus into killing him but the assassination goes wrong and Titus/veran kills the wrong man at which Aulus prompts him to just run away, just for the sake of their long friendship.

As a viewer it still feels like maybe Kerra is the chosen one and that everyone is simply mistaking Cait as such because she is wearing the dress of the Queen. But regardless, we are at the cusp of when all the scattered threads will come together and maybe finally the prophecy will come true, in its most mysterious fashion.