Alterna Comics: Doppelganger (Issue 03)

Another great comic story that has been brought to us from Alterna Comics, with this being the second story that I’ve read of it I’m really shocked but intrigued by this comic story, I’ll get to more of that in a little bit but this story really has me intrigued a whole lot.

So with this comic story it’s about a Doppelganger hint, hint in the title of the comic itself. But they revealed a very interesting piece of detail that I never thought would be possible for a doppelganger. So in this issue we continued where we left off which is a beauty; so Dennis and Doppelganger Dennis were fighting in the office but we have seen if you see both Dennis’s then you disappear which is an interesting detail to put into a comic story about a paranormal entity. But what I found even more interesting is that the Doppelganger told Dennis that he has been doing this for 8,000 years. That means he has had the ability to kill at least 8,000 people that he has taken the form of. Which I have never heard of an actual doppelganger entity doing that but thats why its as a part of a comic book is because they don’t need to worry about facts about the actual entities as long as it makes for a good comic story.

One thing I’m still really impressed with is the ink and penciling job by Emmanuel Xerx Javier. Those drawings of the characters are really impressive and it reminds me of a style that I used to draw a long time ago. But it’s still an impressive and good technique to always use to make a good comic book. The comic book would never be a reality without the pencil and inking work, thats something to always remember when creating your own comic story.

Another name to thank is Jordan Hart, if it wasn’t for him creating such a fantastic piece and coloring and writing the whole comic story it’s impressive to take on so much responsibility just to get your work out there. But when you are dedicated enough you will do anything to get your story told through comic book or novelization or anything. But creating a comic story about a paranormal force, definitely a phenomenal thing to do and thats what is going to keep bringing me back is the great story telling.

Now I’m wondering what is going to happen to Dennis’s wife and daughter, will they die? Will they live somehow? Guess we will have to wait and see for issue number 4!

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: Doppelganger (Issue 04) will be available by May 2018