Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 01)

Everybody, you all have to go out and get yourselves a copy of this comic book! Seriously you all will be impressed with this story as much as I am! It’s an amazing story brought to us in five issues, this here is the first issue but I’m so impressed with it and I know that I will return to read more when the other issues become available.

So with this comic story it holds a special place in the author’s heart, which I find truly awesome. It’s a nice way to keep the old times alive by bringing them to comic books and having people realize how hard times were for women back then. I mean sure we all had our parents read comics with hard times in them during those years like Wonder Woman and many others, but now in these times we don’t really see all that many comics that are period pieces that actually take you into the world and help make you feel what the main character feels in those situations. And thats what Tinseltown comics have brought to us in period timeline comics.

Tinseltown takes you into the journey of young Abigail Moore, who in her life only wanted to be what her father was in life; a police officer. It was always a sort of calling to Abigail and she gets a chance to be one but like always with our heroes theres a catch. She has to take the job at a studio first and keep it for a year which seems like a security job by the description but if she can keep it for a year then she will hopefully get her foot into the door for a real police job. In those times hope was a strong thing for women and men to hold onto, wither it was being an actor/actress and living the “American Dream” or having a stable job and getting married which was called the “American Life” but for Abigail the only thing that matters is becoming a police officer, if you want to know if she makes it you’ll have to read the comics; I know I certainly will keep coming back to read more.
Our author, David Lucarelli, gave us a memoriam with detail about his inspiration for the comic story of Tinseltown. The memoriam tells us that Abigail’s badge number is in fact the same badge number that his mother had when she was a police officer for the Pittsburgh Police Department. If that doesn’t show dedication as a memoriam then I don’t know what is. But this memoriam is truly a wonderful memoriam dedicated to his mother Miriam Lucarelli. And I would like to say it’s an honor being able to read this wonderful story that David has brought to us and it’s an honor being able to read this memoriam about his mother, it was truly a wonderful piece to read before reading the comic story. And to all those women that now serve all police departments it’s truly a wonderful service that you bring to our cities and country and I would like to say to all thank you for your service.

Now the art of the comic is as important as the story, because without the art of it being drawn there would only be words and then it would only be a short novel. But the art, it was amazing to have such wonderful art done by Henry Ponciano. It is truly captivating and it keeps you into the story as well. I’m really impressed with this comic book not just by the story but by the art as well. The style really gets your interest because its such an interesting art style to draw in for a period piece but for this piece it worked beautifully and it’s because of the art and the story that David Lucarelli created that I will be back to read more.
For anyone who likes strong female characters, you will definitely love this story! Be sure to also tell David Lucarelli what you think of his comic, it will mean a lot to him, I’m sure of it! As for myself I truly loved this story and like I’ve said I’ll be back to read more when it becomes available.

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: Tinseltown (Issue 02) I’m thinking available in two months from now which should be in May.