Chicago Fire (S06E14&15) "Looking for a Lifeline" and "The Chance to Forgive"

New episode, new review.

This episode was a special, 2 episodes in one. 

This is going to be a rather long-ish review.


This episode started with Brett in a Chicago PD shirt. Which shows that Antonio spend the night at her place. I absolutely adore these two. Then there’s Kidd and Severide’s weird relationship.

I always get confused because of these two. Maybe I am the only one, who thinks like that. Who knows. Well, Cap’s new couch for his ‘Squadiverssary’. It looks like a really good couch.

Cruz and his ‘Slamigan’, well that’s a whole story. The money he spends on it. The losses he has, but Mouch and Hermann got his back. They’re his partners, while he’s the CEO. He wants Brett to have 10% of the companies shares.

The call they had earlier, the wife who gets abused by her husband. It got Casey on edge, making him remember stuff. His own mother went through that hardship. Casey absolutely wants to save the women’s life.

They bring Chicago PD into the matter. Antonio and Burgess, are the ones who come to Firehouse 51. Meanwhile Brett and Dawson are at Chicago Med. The husband drags his wife out of the hospital.

He doesn’t want her to get medical treatment. Dr.Halstead confronts the husband, who doesn’t care. While the wife lies, and they both leave. I got so frustrated here. The husband was so irritating.

Brett throwing up, and feel nauseous. She and Dawson went to buy some pregnancy tests. Sylvie was absolutely mortified. Dawson kept reassuring her, that she will be with her every step.

This friendship makes me think of Shay. How I miss our girl, she would have a smart remark. Maybe even confront Antonio, we might never know. Antonio and Burgess, are at firehouse 51.

They keep discussing the matter, of the odd couple. Casey go’s and confronts the wife at her house. Her husband threatens him later, in front of firehouse 51. Casey almost lost it, the others kept him away from the guy.

Oh god, when that abusive husband spit in front of Chief Bowden. I wanted to slap him through my laptop’s screen. Later on, they get a call to a house. Which is the house of the odd couple.

The wife is the one who lit the house on fire. She even hit her husband on the head, with a baseball bat. Casey saves her, and the case is closed. Meanwhile Brett is trying to avoid Antonio.

She cried earlier in the hall, I blame the hormones. Sadly she’s not pregnant, I was dissapointed to be honest. It would have been perfect. Then we get to see, Anontio telling Brett that he has a blind date.

While Brett told Dawson before, that she wants to take her relationship with Antonio serious. Poor Brett, I’m sure she loves him. Even though she wants to forget the past. SHe just can’t stop talking about Antonio.

Kidd and Severide’s cuteness. Going to Severide’s ex, who passed away. She fought against the cancer, but didn’t survive. The hospital made a nursery in memory of her. Kidd tells Severide that she will always be there for him.

There’s a new call, housefire. Odis and Kidd get shot, Kidd’s ok. But Odis got shot in the neck. The bullets were being thrown through the house. It was like popcorn for sure. Bullets everywhere, which was weird.

Later on we get to know, that there is no shooter. Just alot of loaded guns and ammunition. Cruz was devastated, and Severide disobeyed Chief Bowden. He entered the house, not caring about anything.

He just wanted to save Odis and Kidd. That carelessness, is dangerous. It actualy scares me, I hope nothing will happen to Kelly. Odis has to get a surgery done, which might mean a possible paralysis.

Kidd makes sure that Odis’s boot get’s filled. Everybody cares alot about Odis. This family, is just something else. I love firehouse 51. The kid who owns the ammunition and guns, get’s to go.

Cruz and the others are angry. A bit later, they get a call. The exact same house again. Severide says that it’s an attempted suicide. To which Cruz enters the garage, and saves the kid.

He tells him that he has to be there for his father. The latter apologized to Cruz, at the church’s chapel. Cruz tells the kid that he owes his father at least that.  Later we see that Odis is awake.

Cruz and Odis’s girlfriend Lily, enter the room. Cruz and the others call Odis by his first name, Bryan. To which Odis says, that it’s ok to call him by his nickname. Seeing as he previously got angry because of that.

The quote that Cruz said to the kid’s father:”Tomorrow is never for sure. It’s something we learn. Doing what we do.” I am going to put this in a frame. Hanging it above my bed. Great advice from Joe Cruz.

We get to see Casey giving Severide some love advice. He knows how Severide feels, about Kidd. These two though, come on. Just have babies already. Hahha xD

At the end we see Severide entering Molly’s. Kidd’s working, she’s surprised to see Kelly there. She tells him to just show her, whatever he’s feeling. To which Kelly kisses her, and they get hot and heavy.


I loved this episode, as usual. Chicago Fire never seizes to amaze me.
I hope you enjoyed reading this review.

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