Chicago PD (S05E18) "Ghosts"

When a drug deal goes wrong, a blast from the past comes to one of the Intelligence Unit member.

When a drug deal goes wrong, Upton sees someone that she had worked with before, who happens to be working with one of the biggest case before joining the Unit. She decides to take on and bring her undercover character, Kelly, back from hiding and try to make a deal with the top drug boss, Booth, but it gets pretty intense when Booth questions her and Halstead to make sure they aren’t lying.

We learn the reason why she left the case when Halstead confronts her about it with photos of her beat up from Booth. She wants to take him down no matter if Voight told them to shut it down or not and does and goes on with the plan. As the plan comes together, Booth takes advantage on Upton in front of Halstead but things get dicey when Booth’s nephew sees Halstead about to grab something. Upton breaks away from Booth and chases after him. As Booth takes her to town, she finally gets the chances to beat the crap out of him and almost killing him, but Halstead stops her just in time.

With the the Unit at Molly’s to celebrate, Upton stays home and gets a visit from Halstead, who is there for her in a time of need. She tells Halstead that her partner that Booth killed was someone she was very, very close with and the two drink their sorrows.

“Ghosts” was such a strong, intense, thrilling and such well developed character for Hailey Upton. This was Tracy Spiridakos best performance since joining the show as it gave such an emotional and intense background story of her past. Not to mention Jesse Lee Soffer was amazing in this episode too. This was definitely the perfect #Upstead episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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