10 Reasons Why Good Behavior Needs to be Renewed.

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1. Have you seen the insane chemistry between Javi (Juan Diego-Botto) and Letty (Michelle Dockery)? I knew right from the beginning I’d be hooked. It was the first time I ever witnessed them. It was when Javi and Letty spent the night together. How do you describe watching two people falling in love? You cannot. You are just a witness to it.
2. What words would I use to describe a show with so much passion and fire? Watch “Good Behavior”. The showrunner and creators, Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch are truly one of a kind. The TpTb and writing team are exceptional. The episodes keep you coming back and wanting more. It’s truly a testament to their skills. The cast without any doubt in the viewers minds are indeed, top-notch!
3. Have you ever watched the goodbye moments? I know. I feel the same way you do. They break your heart. Leaving you wanting more of Javi and Letty. They make you believe in the human spirit again. Redemption is capable for anyone. Especially in this love story.
4. The comic relief will never stop. I love Ann Dowd (Agent Rhonda Lashever). Agent Lashever is everyone’s favorite FBI agent. (Agent Back Up? Ring a bell, anyone? The sprinter with the “introduction tape” to being arrested? I am delirious with laughter. What FBI agent does that? None. That’s who!) Joey Kern, the man can make anyone laugh. (Who buys their son-in-law a gold 45 gun for Christmas? Need I say more?)
5. There are plenty of villains. Some yet to show their “true intentions and faces”. We met Teo (Juan Reidinger) and now he is gone… We know there are other family villains lurking in the shadows… L.A. is a great place for Javi and Letty to live their lives and stay on the down-low in the meantime. They can rebuild the empire.
6. How much do you love the Javi & Jacob scenes? Letty and Jacob’s heart-tugging moments? The rebuilding of Letty and Jacob’s relationship? It’s a testament of a mother’s love and how much she’s willing to sacrifice for her child. Letty, has really grown as a mother and a person. We all believe that Javi and Jacob have made a profound effect on her emotionally. Letty unselfishly proves what she will do in the name of love. Her son is her world. She has just got him back and will do whatever she has to protect him and keep him safe. Javi has taken on a role as true friend and father figure. Javi loves Letty and Jacob. When he bought that house, it was all for them. Javi was thinking about “their” future.
7. We cannot think about the show ending. There is so many stories left to be told. Limitless amounts of chemistry between the cast. Javi and Letty are like lightning, they only strike once. Their chemistry is a rarity. Pairings like these are a “once in a lifetime” gift. A show like “Good Behavior” is a hidden gem.
8. The fan movement is truly one of the most dedicated I’ve ever seen. The die-hard “Good Behavior” fans do not give up without a fight. When the show is on they are blowing up all the social media outlets with their undying love and support. Even now they are fighting hard to get the show renewed. My piece of advice to them: “Do not give up!”
9. Family relationships can be very complicated. Yet, so endearing. We cannot say enough amazing things about Christian (Terry Kinney – Letty’ surrogate father/parole officer for all intents and purposes). They’d do anything to protect one another. The dysfunctional yet loving relationship between Letty and her mother, Estelle (Luisa Strus). In the end, family is all that really matters? You cannot help but love Ava Pereira, Javi’s sister. (Maria Botto) As complicated as their relationship is, in the heart of hearts, the love and deep connection is there.
10. Can thanking the cast, crew and creators ever be enough? No. I didn’t think so either. We can thank the fans “Never Give Up” campaign. They want more seasons. “Good Behavior” fans do not give up without a fight. TNT we are looking at you. It’s a diamond in the rough. It’s been overlooked for far too long. It’s time. Renew “Good Behavior”.
Thank you for reading.