A.P. Bio (S01E07) "Selling Out"

As Jack’s book is done, will it get the attention from book companies or will he have to change his whole idea?

Just as Jack is done with his book about death, he gets a call from Miles and offered to ship his book idea to his publishers. But when Jack gets letters from the publishers, they don’t like it and makes a call to Miles to plea his case but when Miles says that they liked his idea for a book about feel-good philosophy and the money Jack was in.

As Jack comes with ideas that would make people feel good, he gets his inspiration from Helen and gets her to tell all of her wise advise from “If you can come out of the womb, you can get out of anything” to “high fives and low fives are better than no fives” and “if you step on a berry, you just made jam.” But when his students take a look at it they feel that Jack is a sell out to what he believes.

As Jack gives his idea to the publishers, things don’t go that well and tells them that his first book idea was better than the feel good junk. So no book deal at all but the students read his first book and gave well reviews to him and started discussing about the book.

Meanwhile, Principle Durbin accidentally gets caught into a firestorm when confronting about who is Mary’s Emergency Contact is and it gets heated for Stef and Mary.

“Selling Out” was a good episode from Jack’s book story but the emergency contact was good but it wasn’t as strong. The performance from Paula Pell was outstanding in this episode as Helen. Not to mention Glenn Howerton’s performance as well and the development of the character was good. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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