Family Guy (S16E13) "V is for Mystery"

The team of Brian & Stewie are together again as, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, guess who’s who?
The boys are in old Victorian London, 1896. They’re  casually walking and talking. when Watson shares he’s getting married.  Her name is Constance. She looks like Lois. Their downtime is short lived when they get a message. The Crown jewels are stolen. 
Of course, Prof M for Moriarty is suspect. He’s one of the best villains of all time; 2nd to N’Jadeka, the little Prince, known to the Avenging World as…”Killmonger!” Sorry, ‘had to! #wakandaforever. Ahem. Now on to the story and the #sethcarpet; which goes very quickly. I got what I could. #norewind
Neil Diamond is singing on the yacht, ‘don’t recall why. But Grandpa Pewterschmidt is attempting to board abd he’s Moriarty!
He is killed by the Court Jester,👺 Sir William of Cosby. He’s an inaudible Fool, who sounds like jello.. He puts The Court to sleep.
Chris is the Queen (Victoria) and right here, I shoulda’ known what up was up, regarding the “V”  but I didn’t. #majorclue
The Queen is roofied by Sir William. She’s awake, alert & aware, but passes out during a Holmes/Watson conversation, later.  Her plus size was to her advantage #fat Yet now she can say, #metoo The knock out pill takes longer to work thru fat, apparently. AND it was not funny. Too soon? 
The inept Inspector Lestrade calls Stewie, er Sherlock.  “The Scottish Brute Killer” has struck again. But how, Sherlock put him in prison? Yet the body of this dead prostitute, Meg… er Veronica says otherwise. She’s cut open in the same way as “SBK” and her intestines are replaced with bag pipes. They play “Heart & Soul” on the body. How?  don’t ask.
This means, The Scottish Brute Killer, (Peter) He claims his 2 right hands verifies his innocence.  He also was behind bars during the latest and the killer is left handed! The wrong man’s been incarcerated. Stewie-Sherlock apologizes and Peter Brutal killer is released.
Then Oscar Wilde says something about a “bum-fancy” as a reminder, Stewie is gay.  I don’t know about Sherlock.
So in order to catch a killer, Stewie-Sherlock creates a “love for sale” robot gal….race contingent…no blacks.  Cleveland, as his 1800 self tried.  The robot is named…Valerie. #prostitute
The trap’s in place and it works. A hooded Lois-Constance approaches and starts stabbing, trying to kill Valerie. She runs, when she realizes she’s been duped & outed. She also has gonorrhea. #std
On a side note: we’re to be prepared for a musical sometime in the future,”Murderer in the Bonnet” 🗡  a tale of the first female serial killer, although serial killer has not been coined yet. Count on it! 
The guys find  Lois -Constance is on her way to Paris; “Gay Paree!” Stewie-Sherlock is thrilled.  Hearing  “Gay” he  changes into black leather, head to toe and suggest he & Watson go their separate ways for a minute! #threesacrowd
They board the “Love Boat” complete with the theme music 🎶🎤 and special cast roll. It’s a sweet shout out.
Th Boys find and chase Lois-Constance  thru out.  Then they all reach…the Eiffel Tower. 🗼Lois -Constance falls as she declares  “I did it for him”  Right here you know it’s The fat Scot, SBK-Peter.  No body else was introduced this episode as a possible.  Well Cleveland did a walk by, but…
Never the less it was a fun episode; not one of the best, yet good for a shout-out to the Classics… Brian and Stewie. They’re always doable and their stuff, together, never gets old. #dynamicduo Oh. Yea.  Sherlock and Watson too.  Elementary, innit? 
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