The Arrangement (S02E03) “The Sessions”

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Somebody, that I used to know, Somebody…

Running, running, running, let’s get it started in here. We see Megan (Christina Evangelista) getting it started in the beginning of the episode by running. Terence (Michael Vartan) is asking her “How she feels?” In which girlfriend replies “Sometimes, I lie there waiting to be judged.” – Megan tells Terence. (Play that violin Megan! See if that subterfuge works!) Terence knows that Megan is not being totally honest. He wants her to stop bu**shiting him. You’ll never guess what happened next… He asks her about her greatest fear. In which Megan blurts out “YOU’ are my biggest fear.” (BAM! Just like that in a New York minute thing start unraveling). If you could have seen the look Terence gave her when she said that. (It signaled I’m finally in your head! Zombie – Cranberries. In your head, in your head. Zombie, zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie. What’s in your head, in your head? Zombie, zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie.) Terence is finally inside Megan’s head. She thinks she has one upped him. I wouldn’t be so sure about that, yet.

We see Terence on the phone talking to one of his “people” about taking care of business. You know in regards him being held-up at gunpoint? Terence is a VIP. You do not mess this man. OH BOY, it’s about to get real. What is really interesting now, Terence and Megan are having daily therapy sessions? I have a feeling this is going to go sideways and fast. You cannot help but feel there is something shady going on with Terence. It’s almost as if he knows what Megan is trying to achieve. Terence is looking to beat Megan at her own “long game”. Terence admits he used to act. Now he loves helping people “reach their full potential”. Once again Megan tries to flip the script on Terence. She talks about choices they must make. We all weren’t meant to be parents. “You look like a little boy at me. What is your greatest fear?” – Megan to Terence. (This was something else. Did she really think she could play the master at his own game??) What happened next astounded me. He admitted to her that he was held up at gunpoint. Something he tried to tell everyone close to him. They had no time to listen to him. Or didn’t want to bother too… It was the equivalent of how his mother made him feel as a little boy. (We find out Terence was abused as a child! Never listened to him. Disregarded him.) We are piecing this all together. Kyle is the son that Terence can control and manipulate. Is Terence’s love for Kyle is real? Yet very twisted and sadistic at the same time. The lengths he will go too.

I am a bit perplexed by Shaun (Carra Patterson) “long game”.  I feel she might get caught up in this in a bad way. Girl, you better be careful. Terence is astute. We like you. You are Megan’s only female friend left. Don’t die girl, please don’t fall for any of those tricks either. SO, when Shaun was trying to lay the bait out. “I know I believe in this, what we’re are doing.” – Shaun to Terence. I got the strangest feeling like Terence was not taking that cheese. He was not that rat in a trap.

We find out from a night on the town that Xavier (Ruffin Prentiss) and Kyle have huge rage issues. They should never go out together again, ever. I would be very worried about Kyle and his short fuse. We are only catching a glimpse of what can set him off. It’s not much.

Meanwhile back at the Copacabana, Terence and Megan are dancing together…. Megan is lulled into a false sense of security. She thinks she can use that reverse shrink stuff on Terence, but oh no. “Were here because you collapsed at a public event.” – Terrence says to Megan. Wait there is more. (Jeezits Mary Christmas! We are finding out a treasure trove of information…) Their mothers both abandoned them. “You came across the country to confront a brother that abused you. Agreed to a contract marriage!” – Terence to Megan (girlfriend is hyperventilating!)

What Wicked Games.

We finally see Xavier and Megan a table read for “Technicolor Highway”. Kyle better watch what he is saying to Megan. Kyle recommends to Megan “Draw emotions from your Mother.” (WHY! Would you dare say something so insensitive to your fiancé?) The scene is full of emotion and comes out flawlessly. A little bit later, Kyle and Megan are home and are arguing. The tension was so thick you could slice it like pie. Megan was not having any of it. Tonight, they would sleep in separate beds. That is his punishment. Kyle is not used to his fiancé or girlfriends fighting back or giving him any lip…

Did I hear “Kill Plan”?

This part was very intriguing. The first day of filming went extremely well, after Terence and Megan’s intense therapy sessions. Kyle gets a phone call. You’ll never guess what he says! “The Kill Plan”! (That’s right you heard me! “The Kill Plan”.) Whomever Kyle was talking to on the other line wants “The Kill Plan” to start. What is a son to do…? I guess that preview that we’ve seen for next week all makes sense now, huh? Yes, indeed it does. You will never guess what happens next? Terence appears with a gift for Megan. What is that saying: “Beware of strangers bearing gifts.” (I’d tell him, thank you, but no thank you. I can’t accept this. Play that game. Be on guard.)

My closing thoughts:

“The Sessions” was a very intense episode filled with intrigue, drama, OMG moments and “Did that just happen?” ones. It is worth a re-watch. There are details you could have missed and will probably pick up the second time. I am warning Megan. She is on her game and out for her ultimate revenge. Although, Terence is a much more of a formidable opponent then one would think. Kyle, is “do or die” for Terence too. I think he is deeply conflicted over his love for Megan and blind devotion and love for Terence. As I have said before, he owes him everything. Will he cut him off? Thoughts to ponder.

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