The Goldbergs (S05E16) "The Scrunchie Rule"

Erica starts having some problems with her roommate Erica and things escalate when Valley Erica eats her Shark Bites. After this the two start annoying each other on purpose, and Valley Erica makes things worse when she puts a scrunchie on the door of their dorm room, indicating she has romantic company. To get back at her, Erica invites an out of town guest, her brother Barry because this is overrules the scrunchie rule. However, Valley Erica and Barry hit it off, and just like that he becomes her new romantic guest. Erica tries to get back at them by calling in another out of town guest: Lainey (yay, welcome back AJ!), but this only makes the situation worse, and very awkward. Barry wants to take revenge on Erica for inviting Lainey, and invites Geoff and later the rest of the JTP. And to make it all even messier, Erica finally invites Johnny Atkins and Carla. After the craziness settles down, all out of town guests decide to kick both Ericas out of their own room so they can make up. They eventually do when Erica tells Valley Erica that she’s the one that has made college easier for her. They end this crazy weekend of fighting by organizing a great college party.

Meanwhile, back in Jenkintown, where Beverly would usually come in during gym class to prevent Adam from having to do full contact sports, now that her Bevolution is in full swing, she doesn’t come in anymore to save her shmoopie. This means Adam has to climb the rope, which is going okay, until he falls on top of Coach Mellor, who ends up in a neck brace. With both Erica and Barry and college, and Adam spending the weekend at Dave Kim, Beverly decides to take care of a hurting Coach. He feels at home right away and Beverly is happy to have somebody to take care of. Murray isn’t as happy though and tries to fix things by bringing in Coach Mellor’s brother Nick. But instead of solving things between the brothers, Beverly gets them both to stay at the Goldberg house. Murray realizes there’s only one solution: getting Adam back from his sleepover to tell Bev he needs her. After seeing Adam, Bev finally sees that what she’s doing is quite weird and decides it’s time for the Mellor brothers to go. Beverly tells Murray she’s disappointed in herself for not being able to not smother for one weekend, but Murray assures her that she’ll not be he only one who will miss the kids when they leave the house for good. He even makes her dinner to show their future isn’t that scary after all.

I really enjoyed this episode. Both storylines were hilarious and had some crazy moments. I loved this week’s guest stars. The high school kids are always fun, but I especially enjoyed seeing the Mellor boys again. I’ve loved Bryan Callen since the start of the show, but add Bill Goldberg in the mix and it gets even funnier. I love it that the show is exploring the Bevolution this season. It seems like the perfect thing for Beverly to invest her time in and it’s just great that we get to see some of it in different episodes. Taking care of the Mellor boys obviously was a bit of a step back, but I’m sure she’ll learn…

As crazy as the episode was (I mean seriously, only Bev could smother her kids’ gym teacher and his brother like this), it eventually ended as heartwarming as it usually does, with both Ericas making up and Bev and Murray spending some time together.

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It was really nice to see the real Coach Mellor in the final clip.