Bull (S02E18) "Bad Medicine"

Dr Laura Allen (Emily Tremaine) is arrested. Is she a drug dealer & trafficking,  or is she really just trying to help her patients?  The Feds think the former. Our story begins with a young lady (Laura) sitting in a car. There’s the  moaning of a child in the backseat, while sleeping. ” it’s just a dream baby” she says. She enters a house filled with plants,🌿 the very special kind #cannabis But it’s the oil she wants. She trades a bag of money 💰 cash, “for a few containers” It’s about six months worth…give or take.

Then popping a tire on her way home; she’s capable and takes the needed tools out…AND the purchases. Why?!  During the change, the CHP drives up. “Good Morning Officer” … and  pursuant to “Murphy’s Law” the wind blows the lid up on her containers and her 💩shitload is revealed. He’s curious, “what’s in these little vials? Back in The City, Benny is in church. He sees an old friend of his mama’s. ” I need a lawyer Benny,  a really good criminal lawyer!”  *sigh. How do you say no, to yo’mama’s friend?

Benny goes to see Bull. She broke the law in Virginia. If she had been in New York, where she made the purchases, “no problemo” But New York to Virginia is trafficking. CBD is used for pain and  nausea and the oil is specific. Although she’s not a resident of New York, it was a few vials and a couple of hundred miles. So Benny is calling in a favor.

At the courthouse, Dr Laura Allen meet Silvia Banner (Dena Delaney) Assistant District Attorney…Federal.   Benny’s friend js not tbere. Laura had 1800 vials of CBD, making her a Smuggler! She’s charged with 27 counts of possession and violation of  Interstate Commerce rules, across state lines for controlled substances.  Methinks Bennie was blindsided. 🤤 Laura is arrested

However, her son is Nicholas,( Joey Rippo)  and he has Leukemia.  He is the inspiration for Laura’s work. This is his, as well as his mom’s story. The ADA goes hard. Is she using the oil on a minor?! It’s reckless & criminal. They’re using her son against her. It’s against the law! But she’s not a monster! Bull preps Laura to testify. Yes, she’s treating her son! #unethical Yet…her son tried to kill himself with a plastic bag, by putting it over his head. She was desperate. Now he’s not waiting to die.  So she started using it on her patients. That’s why she didn’t move to the legal state, New York. She wanted to ease their pain. She did good on the prep😢

She thinks Bull is an alcoholic and invites him home with her for “a drink” it’s a good thing, cause Nicholas is removed from the home #cps to a hospital for observation and “proper medical care ” The ADA is a bitch, but she’s…winning! At the hospital, Laura stays, then goes and then returns looking for Nicholas, before going to court. But Nicholas is gone; afraid of chemo & hospitals, he ran.  Mama goes to look for him, misses court & a bench warrant is issued. 

Good news: Nick is found in the park and the CBD treatment works, per the attending, Dr Kuljarni. (Geoffrey Cantor) He’ll testify. Bad news: Bail denied, Laura is arrested.

Cable’s back!  

Sidebar: “Only a name like BULL, would equate Fertility with Empathy” O Snap!  Banner to Bull when, in an attempt to talk a deal he asks  “do you have kids?”  …for the empathy. Didn’t work. Talk to the hand 🤚
Benny is brilliant…always,  as he takes to tbe jury  “What is the Law of the Land, if the states don’t agree with it?”🤔  Laura Allen-Not Guilty. 

Undaunted the ADA is stoic. “the outcome is what the people wanted, so justice was served”   #madrespect ADA; Mad Respect. Never give up, never surrender   “Letter of the Law!  So til the next…

Bull airs Tuesday’s, @  9:00 p.m. Pacific Time on CBS