Chicago Med (S03E13) "Best Laid Plans"

From start to finish, this week’s episode of Chicago Med will leave you on the edge of your seat for an episode of twist and shocking turns.
Whether it’s the drama moments of Rhodes and Bekker fighting over who gets the donor heart: a man who’s been receiving transplants for the third time or a family man, who’s up for his first one. Meanwhile, Manning takes on a patient, who is taken care by his mother and has a dirty trach tube, and learns that his mother has been trying to let him go. But when Manning tells Halstead about it, he over reacts and gets the police involved. That lead to a heating argument between Natalie and Will that will leave #Manstead fans shaking.
Charles learns from Reese that her dad asked her to be his cosigner on an apartment and also help take care of him. But when Charles gets a chance to meet with her dad again, he confronts him about his condition and that he’ll let the transplant board that he’s not fit for a new heart due to his mental disorder. The tables turned when Reese went after Charles for what had said to her father, for which was a total lie. But it did give Reese to think and decided to say no to her father.
The surprise moments comes in when April and Noah treat an elderly woman, who seems to have back pain, upset stomach and other things. As things began to worsen with every treatment, it turned out that the 55 year old woman was pregnant and gave birth to a girl.
And Choi treats a patient that was found in the waiting room and couldn’t find anything wrong with her through all the test. But when given an MRI, it showed a stroke that’s from her broken jaw that she got repaired years ago.
“Best Laid Plans” was one of the best hour episodes of Chicago Med so far with the cases that the characters taken and the push to the limits they are head into and not to mention surprises as well. From the beginning to the end, the episode never stop at all from less interesting as it kept you on the edge of your seats. Besides the drama, there were moments like Choi bring his sister to April’s cousin’s party, where they all would have a good time dancing the night away.
The writing was so good as well developed the characters were as well. The performances from the cast was so good, where it’s Donnell, Kuhling, Gehlfuss, DeVitto or DiPillo and Platt. I don’t know where Rhodes and Bekker will go as they don’t have anything to lose, but Manning and Halstead with their first big argument could this lead down to something, even after last week’s episode for Halstead. Reese’s father would be the most problematic for me as the character just creeps me out and worry something will go wrong to someone. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
You can catch Chicago Med Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.