NCIS: New Orleans (S04E18) "Welcome to the Jungle"

It’s after midnight and Pride’s phone is ringing. He’s called to duty and Belle Chase. Wheels are up in 90. The case is in South America. He can bring 2 agents. He calls Sebastian and Sonya. Sebastian arrives…over packed. Gregorio arrives for Percy. She had an appointment and couldn’t make it. What?!  It’s 3 a.m!

They’re going to the Triple Frontier,  the most dangerous place in South America. The land of guns, no laws and no government.  Pride wants to know, who called, “why are we here?!” He sees the video . Sergio Rivera, the “Most Wanted Man” in the Southern Hemisphere and probably the planet, is captured by Lt Commander Watkins. (Greg Sproles). Watkins has Sergio by the neck as he hurriedly speaks to the camera! He’ s wounded #mortally and is asking Pride to find The Mole, in what was his last breath

Back in N’Awlins, Sonya is late. She rolls in at noon, without lunch! She had personal bizness. Pride will speak with her when he returns.  Be ready! They’re to assist by remote, fed details from the jungle. \
Back in the jungle, Sgt Sydney Halliday ( Riann Steele) took a slug to the arm, when Watkins, pushed Rivera to her, with orders to get him out.  She needs to be interviewed. But she’s not in sick bay.  She’s found beating the hell out of a soldier, Luis Benicio (Joseph Melendez)  She claims he killed Watkins!

She’s ordered to back off. #notlikely  Halliday is Green Beret #btw. She throws down!
Back at the base, Percy is feeling restless. She’s applied to FBI International,  as encouraged by…Isler! Really?! WTF! LaSalle tries to support and encourage, yet “it’s written all over his face ” 😕😔 #missingyou
They have a moment. 😍 But before they could declare their “undying friendship” Patton rolls in with news about the mission. #cute …not!

Meanwhile back in the S A compound, Halliday is found standing over the body of Rivera with a bloody knife. Pride thinks she’s being set up. Gregorio thinks, the case is closed.  #rushtojudgement 
She confesses, she was a double agent. Rivera trusted her. That’s how she got close and they were able to apprehend. The Mole caused an ambush. Pride believes her.
Gregorio slams Pride. He shoulda paid as much attention to Percy!   She’s got one foot out the door! He knows,  Isler told him.  Professional courtesy #snitch

Percy shares with Loretta the interview. Sebastian is still in the dark. 
Dwayne is clear of the set up and returns to the Jungle for “fibers ”  How does that work?! 🤔 It does and The Mole, who is obvious is killed. Jeff Connolly (Sydney James Harcourt) He had to be!
Patton and LaSalle have a moment. Bro-bro. LaSalle wonders if Percy wants to leave because of their very special friendship. 😍 Patton is…smdh  on the wisdom; no help. Little empathy. understanding. With 3…or 4  failed marriages, he ain’t the one! #maritalfool
Next week is Percy’s last episode. It’ s an undercover with LaSalle.  Perhaps we’ll have closure to what might have been. But for now that ship has sailed. I miss her already. 

No doubt, Sydney Halliday will show up in a need to serve. She’s being discharged from the military and she let Pride know, she ain’t happy about that. There’s an opening upcoming in about 2 weeks. A desk across from Gregorio, LaSalle, Sebastian and sometimes Patton. I have no doubt, she’ll be seriously considered as a qualified candidate for NCIS-New Orleans! And Gregorio will be needing a new roommate, so…


 NCIS-New Orleans airs, Tuesday’s @ 10:00 p.m Pacific Time