Requiem (S01E03) "The Necklace"

Matilda (Lydia Wilson) is relentless in her endeavors to prove that she is the missing girl. While the coincidences keep stacking up, does it prove that she is Carys? I feel as though there is something deeper going on, something we have yet to discover. They draw the audience in and let us teeter on the fine line between reality and insanity. Question everything and you won’t be lead astray.

There are repercussions when one is disturbing things best left forgotten. Not only are old wounds reopened, but once the unraveling starts nothing can stop it. Rose (Claire Rushbrook) get’s caught up in the overwhelming emotions and grief that she has tried so hard to push into the darkness, but thanks to Matilda there is no going back to the way things were. A failed suicide attempt aids in the undoing.

Trudy (Sian Reese-Williams), who was the last person to see Carys before she vanished finds some sort of comfort in connecting Matilda to the girl she used to know, even though things are just circumstantial right now. It brings about how much people are still hurting from the event, not only did it change Rose but it impacted the rest of the town. With old memories pushing to the surface the truth will be revealed. Trudy’s own father seems to be hiding something monumental, all will be revealed soon enough.

This series seems to involve more and more of the towns people, it’s important to the story but can be harder to follow along, especially when it seems that they are all working together to hide something sinister. Something isn’t quite right and the fact that others are sneaking around acting suspicious doesn’t help the cause. The more Matilda digs, the more things get uncovered. There is danger right around the corner and at this point, no one is safe.

There are supernatural undertones to each episode, they aren’t in your face but they find a way to gnaw at your senses and keep you questioning what is real and what is in her head. With the death and mutilation of livestock and the disembodied growls and voices, there is something missing from the bigger picture.

Just when Matilda is on the edge of a breakthrough, her link to important information dies suddenly. The elderly aunt’s quest to do the right thing lead to her untimely demise.  I am sure we will see the death toll rise before the series comes to a close. They are desperate to keep the truth from coming out, but I am looking forward to when more pieces are put together. Right now we are running on speculation, which is good for a time, but to keep the viewer engaged they need to give a little bit.
Something is there. It’s ancient and it’s angry.

Photo: Taken by author of review.