Rise (S01E03) "What Flowers May Bloom"

I want to love Rise – even just really like it. It has so much potential, a great cast, and dang it I just love musicals – tv or otherwise. But Rise is so mired in cliche and trope that the good moments are hard to appreciate.

We have a nice, white woman who’s husband was/is cheating on her with the short skirt wearing hispanic woman.
Said short skirted home wrecker focuses on boys at home, encouraging her daughter solely base on who she’s dating.
We have a closeted gay teen who’s conservative Catholic parents threaten to pull him out of school based on the theater program.

We have the quarterback, torn by his attraction to the nerdy theater girl and his blond, cheerleader girlfriend.
Check, check, check and so on. It’s like this show dredged up every bad high school trope from the closet and threw it all the wall to see what stuck.

Drowning in cliche, I can only hope that this show finds it’s footing and stops trying to take itself so seriously. I love a good tearjerker, but at this point Rise is certainly no This Is Us.

photo credit @nbcrise