Timeless (S02E03) “Hollywoodland”

Now that we’ve reached a decent stride here in Season 2 I can safely say that Timeless is quite literally getting better by the episode.

I am not kidding.

This one took us back to 1941, Lucy’s (Abigail Spencer) favorite time-period, and once again I am taken aback by the wardrobe department. This time, however, they get their duds upon arrival with zero money in their pockets. Our beloved characters steal now? That’s right, due to budget constraints at Mason Industries, our good-side team has been brought to petty theft. First Lucy kills an innocent, and now they are all stealing. Is this the beginning of their slippery slope toward friendship with Flynn? It sure does seem like it. Lucy doesn’t even skip a beat with that kind of thing these days. It seems she’s got an eye for attire too, as one of her outfits is a rather iconic number. There’s a reason she looks so extraordinarily like Katheryn Hepburn when they crash the Beverly House party. It looks smack dab like the one Hepburn wore in the 1940 film The Philadelphia Story. Well. Done. Timeless. You are SO GOOD at sneaking in little bits of fun to not just your script, but the visuals as well.
I just love how this episode gives ALL THE CREDIT to women and their qualities which are not related to the one thing they have no control over – their looks. It’s a feminist episode without a single negative connotation to the word. Respect. I think actress AND scientist Hedy Lemarr (Alyssa Sutherland) got the best line of the episode, “Thank you, dear, but any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.” Living in a society where so much emphasis is placed on factors controlled by genes alone (Hollywood especially of course) that it is infinitely refreshing to be reminded of the intelligent women in our past who had to work even harder to get folks to see past their striking exterior.

Back at home base, Jiya (Claudia Doumit), gets her MRI which says she’s good to go. In fact, she’s healthier than before. Soo… that helps explain precisely nothing about what’s going on with the non-hallucinations she’s been having. At least we see she’s about to admit that her blackouts are far more vital than they once thought.

One secret exposed. Unfortunately, we quickly get to yet another secret/mystery when Wyatt (Matt Lanter) sets off the alarms by breaking out of it. What? Cut to the next scene aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, Jessica? She’s alive? And she’s wearing a wedding ring?! The look on her face says a lot, but what it means, I could not yet tell you.

It’s clear to me that this season was VERY well planned out and is currently being executed in smashing style. That’s not just the Hollywood portion talking, though wardrobe really did outdo themselves. Nice nod. Oh and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) posing as Langston Hughes and singing a version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air tune? You all know what you’re doing here, and I’m loving every second of it. I mean… That ending too – you really are keeping us on our toes aren’t you? I can even feel the pain of Lucy/Wyatt shippers across TVland! Though I’m scared for our ladies this weekend, considering the upcoming episode title, I’m still left wishing Sunday would get here sooner.

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timeless wyatt lucy - Timeless (S02E03) “Hollywoodland”