EMPIRE (S04E10) "Birds in the Cage"

Empires back and Angelo’s dead! What a waste😣
Jamal is distant, pouting, remorseful and saddened for the loss of life. Andre’s funeral is today.
Cookie doesn’t care. He’s a hero. Thirsty calls it Self Defense, yet it must be proven. Today the charge is Manslaughter.
Claws is back and she has a sedated “Dwight”  chained to a piano. The good leg. He threatens her and she shoots him with a tranquilizer.  
And Cookie’s still in the opening image. 
Flashback to Cookie, preparing to shank a guard, in prison.  The rapist who fathered a child with her friend, “Pound  Cake”  They have a plan.  Cookie puts a razor in her mouth to do the deed during Mess. #chow  She approaches and the guard says, “not today Cookie” The person she was Avenging…snitched. She’s beaten and put into solitaire. 
Coming current, Thirsty finds footage that Claws was in the hospital the night Lucious disappears. She wasn’t on staff.  They call Claws’ friend and fellow therapist, Gloria,  for insight. They’re directed to a cabin upstate. Cookie goes alone. She’s got this! 🥊
Back at the cabin, Dwight is screaming,  “I’m Lucious Lyon, bitch!”  But Claws declares, she will get Dwight back…even if she has to kill, Lucious to do it! Uh?
Tory Ash is back, singin, 🎤🎼 Hakeem is rapping.  It’s good. Tbe only real music and showcase tonight, #disappointing
Becky takes a Pregnancy test in the company bathroom. She has MANY sticks…all positive! She cries, Porsha listens. Girl hugs.
Lucious remains in cabin prision. When he misbehaves, like tryna choke Claws;  she plays his  music…layered & loud with lights, Causing a migraine.  Insane, yet GENIUS! Lucious curls in a ball
Cookie, driving to the cabin,  flashes back to her duel with the rapist guard. It was brutal. …”mano y mano”  He won, by tbe way! #torture
The boys go to see Andre. Jamal cries, He’s killed a man.  Brotherly hugs with vows to get thru this together. Awww. 👨‍👦‍👦
Cookie shows up at the cabin. Claws threatens to cut Cook’s throat; so Lucious plays…literally 🎹 the piano. He’s fine, working on new music with Claws, so leave!
Cookie leaves, then returns. The message was in the music. However, she’s cold cocked and then tied up! She and Lucious share “a cell” 
Becky and Porsha talk…options.  So I’m asking,  “Where’s Poppa J in the equation…and discussion?”, Uh?
Evil Alchemy is what Claws calls, ” Coocious” 🤔 interesting. I’ve always wondered their Absolute.
Then Gloria,  the friendly therapist shows up outside. Concerned for her friend.”Where’s Lucious?  She’s killed or has a very bad headache from tbe head bashing. She’s on tbe ground, out!
In the meantime, Cookie breaks away, is shot by Claws in tbe arm (taser?) Lucious assumes the strength of The Hulk, to save her by kicking tbe wood into splinters…with the good leg. He has advantage, but  doesn’t kill Claws; pissing off Cookie. #Anticlimactic
Andre’s guilt is killng him #nightmares “I’ve got to tell, Pop it was me”  
And so tbe Spring Premiere episode was “okay” Yet it coulda’ had a lil’more “snap, crackle, pop” music, suspense and…anything!
Maybe Claws can cbeck herself out of the institution to finish tbe job. Tbe best part being, give Lucious a migraine with his own music! 👏👊 #irony #poeticjustice  
EMPIRE airs Wednesday’s at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time