STAR (S02E10) "Rise From the Ashes"

“Take 3” is in the house! dancing, singing  and money is everywhere,  The music is loud, it’s dark; yet Star sees her mama. “When you gonna tell your sister?”  She wakes up! Lets go get Carlotta. (from the hospital)
Post fire and the last episode: Karen is dead; R.I P. killed in the fire.  Cotton is not.  She walks down the stairs. “Hey mama.  Jahil’s in the hospitall; recovering from a coke overdose. Where’s the convict, Omari? #secrets #arson #drugs
“26 years burned down!” proclaims the criminal mom and daughter, duo of Cassie (Brandy) & Ms Christine  (Patti Labelle) Carlotta’s mama and sister.  Ms Bruce called them…for Cotton. She wants mama and Gran to talk again. Gran suggests they go get some of Ms Patti’s (LaBelle) peach cobbler, #Fat #diabetes in a box. Very nice product placement 👌  oh. And C&C want to launder money thru the shop. Umm. “No!” Family, gotta love’em
Gigi plagiarized Lil’Rage’s hook. Alex called her on it but she’s o.k with that! Strictly bizness What?!  Star is too! “Let’s do this” Whatever it takes! Welcome to the real world of Music! 
Simone came at Noah like Solange Knowles “Stay away from Alex And Star!’ #Dog! “Men are trash” #boom!  You heard it here first! He was speechless AND I’m waiting for the Simone slap, next time. Oh. It’s comin!
Alex and Star speak truth…about Noah. Star was there first! But they ain’t gonna let no man, break ’em up! “Bros over ho’s”
Noah is so confused …and pathetic. He’s torn. #woof 🐶 But he can 🎶🎤sang! He sings from his heart…to both girls on his mind. #confused Yet incredibly good
Elsewhere in the episode:  Jahil has a bad ❤ No mo drugs, alcohol and other paraphernalia
Alex tells Derek about the abortion and stealing and …Noah. He hands her, her stuff. He boxed it. #byefelecia 💔
Charles Floyd is taking over the label. Ayanna is fired. He’s old and ruthless. Everybody is at risk. He’s all about the Benjamins!
Gran has a pistol, ready for Omari. She saw the death marks on the throat of Cotton. Gran is ready, taking over; cause although Carlotta shot him…he’s still alive and coming!  👊 
This looks like a good season. The addition of Patti Labelle and Brandy as family to Carlotta, (!awd the voices! 💣) Richard Roundtree as the ruthless Old dude, Floyd, brings another aspect to …family 😉
Then there is the mystery brewing of “who kills Omari”…you know it’s coming. Is Simone, lesbian? Who cares?! Is the triangle  of Simone, Noah and Alex really over?
But most important, who has the first dance with Derek? Will it be Alex😍  So many questions! #staytuned I will!  ‘Worth the eye strain 👀
STAR airs, Wednesday’s @ 9:00 p.m, Pacific Time on Fox