UnREAL (S03E05) “Gestalt”

What a drama hearty episode this week! We continue to see the consequences unfurl like rotten fruit on a tree. Our poor lot can never seem to catch a break. A strong theme this week was underestimation, we saw it applied to almost every character.
With Quinn and Jay, their nay sayer was the mighty Gary. The new duo made their way to the boss’ office to pitch their show; a Dance competition featuring Alexi as the star. They are confident they have a hit, but things do not go the way they were expecting. Gary sees every other appointment that comes in other than Quinn and Jay. She takes it as the slap in the face it’s meant to be, and instead of cowering away she burst into rage.

To me that would have been the go to behavioural choice for her, but for some reason Gary really thought it would have a different outcome. Quinn promptly calls everyone and shuts down production on ‘Everlasting’. She is not one to be underestimated, especially when she is angry. Jay is just along for the ride at that point as Quinn unleashes. Hell hath no fury indeed. Upon exerting ultimate control over the production, Gary tries to take back the reigns and epicly fails. Quinn and Madison have teamed up to become his worst nightmare, and boy do they make him regret it. Had he just shown respect and treated her as the peer she is, Gary wouldn’t have to deal with an $18 million dollar contract. Though, he deals with being a trash human being so I’m sure he’ll cope just fine.

Rachel on the other hand is fighting a more familial battle. She reaches out to her father about the abuse she suffered during childhood. In a very heartfelt scene we learn that he indeed knew about the assault, and that he had confronted Tom in the past. With further discussion they also come to the conclusion that Rachel’s mother is the root of both of their trauma. Olive is a sociopath who has caused a lot of pain to her family in the blind ignorance of “doing what is best” for them. Despite this, Rachel has come through to the other side of that abuse, even rescuing her father who had been drugged for years. Unfortunately, the chances are that this won’t develop into a positive ending as things rarely do on UnREAL.

Finally we have Madison. Probably the most underestimated from the beginning of the series. She is young, naive, and falls prey to the older men in authoritarian positions. Quinn often comments about how she sees much of herself in Madison, but the younger of the two is truly pushing the stereotype of the woman who sleeps her way to success. Hopefully with this episodes power play by Quinn, Madison will be shaken from that habit. She has endless potential and is certainly at risk to waste it. She could become just as jaded as her mentors, or we could see a healthier choice made. Perhaps Dr.Simon could have an influence here as he really does seem to have the best intentions.