Chicago Fire (S06E16) "The One That Matters Most"

Hi, I’m back with a new review.

As always, let’s jump right into it.

Severide and Kidd’s cuteness, early in the morning. These two are slowly taking, the place of my favorite Firhouse 51 couple. Which Casey and Dawson have been since day one. 

The new guy, Cordova or whatever. I don’t particularly hate him, nor love him. I geuss we still need to see, how he will interact with the others. Seeing as Herrmann immediately disliked him.

Even Odis who’s at Chicago Med, thinks he’s a jerk. No offence to those who love Cordova. The actor is amazing, seeing as he can act like a bully. Well, I see him as a bully. The comment he gave about Odis.

Jelly legs or something like that. When Herrmann nodded and turned around. I was like “Are you kidding me?” But then in Herrman old fashioned style. He punched him square in the face. 

That’s how we say “You’re not welcome here” Firehouse 51 style. The call they got, where they had to save the man, who’s arm was stuck in a machine. It’s early here, and I haven’t had breakfast yet. 

I got so nauseous, it looked so real. His arm bending to the other way. The guys as usual did a quick job, saving the guy. Afterwards came the funny part. Where the man’s wife and daughter came to surprise the guys.

Before that, Herrman started making comments about Odis’s return. But they all know, it will surely take awhile before he comes back. To which Chief Bowden says, that Cordova will take Odis’s place.

Once Odis’s back, he’ll get his old place again. Driving truck 81, and being a pain in everyone’ know what. Brian is really struggling, with accepting what’s happeing to his body.

His girlfriend Lily, is trying her best to stand by his side. But he eventualy pushes her away. Thinking that she’s better off without him. Seeing as he said”She’s out of my league.” 

That part pained me, Poor Odis. It made me think about all the people that are going through this. Stay strong, everything will be alright. The way Lily brought Odis’s favorite things. 

His magazines, and fluffy socks. The glass toy, I think it was a frog. Not sure though. Brian went through many checkups. He needs al long period of rehab. Which he doesn’t look forward to.

But with the help and support of his family. The people at firehouse 5s, he will get through this. That’s why I love this tv show. The love and support between them. Is what makes me, look forward to every episode.

Meanwhile Kelly and Stella, are sneaking around. ‘Keeping it casual’. That’s what Kidd told Gabby. The latter knew she’s fooling herself. Yeah, right. Stella and Severide, have been eyeing each other for a long time.

They’re just so cute together. When Kelly said “…Is what matter the most.” I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. My god, they’re adorable. The hug they shared at almost the end of the episode.

Then we have Cordova and Dawson. Those two, they have a history together. I don’t know what it is. Onenightstand? Twonightstands? Or more? Who knows. I for sure can’t wait to find out.

Cordova wants to keep it hidden for now. Seeing as he wants to prove himself, to Casey. Well at least he’s doing something good. Back to the family who came to cook. The food..Oh god. 

The whole firehouse, couldn’t eat it. They just smiled, swallowed the food or spit it out in a tissue paper. Afterwards they said that they will be back. I laughed when Chief Bowden told Cordove, to never cook again.

Saing that the food belongs in the trash. That they should order pizza instead. I couldn’t stop laughing. His face when he found out, that it wasn’t Cordova who cooked. Actualy I thought that the latter, would make some comments about the food.

All in all, I loved this episode. That’s something I say everytime. 

Thank you for reading this review. I enjoyed writing every little bit of it.

See you all, in the next episode.

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