Requiem (S01E04) "Blaidd Carreg"

Matilda (Lydia Wilson) is being plagued by ominous voices and reoccurring black outs. Missing pieces of her memory it’s making her decline more noticeable. She is on the ledge between sanity and a new twisted reality. It becomes more apparent that this Supernatural threat isn’t just in her head, something is trying to communicate with her but there is a struggle of understanding just what it wants.

As more of the story unfolds we get glimpses into the past, where all is not as it seems. It feels like there are so many people helping to cover up the terrible truth. The little bits and pieces are slowly coming together to show us the bigger picture. There are mystical forces at work and soon it will all be too much to keep a secret. There are no coincidences, this is the way things were always meant to be.

Rose (Claire Rushbrook) is trapped in her failing body, the rest of her family is dealing with the after effects. Her doting husband Aron (Richard Harrington) is losing his edge and the downward spiral is exposing the real threat. He has been hiding something immense, along with his “business” partner Ed (Dyfan Dwyfor). Slowly Officer Graves (Claire Calbraith) is working her way through the chaos. She seems to be more level headed and not as corrupt as her other counterparts. She could be the key in blowing this whole thing wide open.

After giving into the worried advice of Nick (James Frecheville), Matilda begrudgingly sees a local doctor. Things may be healthy in body, but her mind is becoming unhinged. It’s more than just anxiety as we are piecing together, there is something bigger at work. A chance meeting with a disturbed woman, Laura (Anastasia Hille), brings some clarity to the answers Matilda is desperately seeking.

All signs are pointing to Matilda as the missing girl and perhaps a powerful catalyst between the light and dark. Something is trying to get her attention, it has attached itself to her, guiding her towards the truth. When a book of scrying catches her attention nothing will stand in her way. Not even when a frantic Nick tries to coax her to join him back in Australia. She has unfinished business and nothing will tear her from it.

There are so many levels to the story that has been unfolding, and so many key characters. Each one of them have a part to play and there is no doubt in my mind they are all exactly where they should be. At last we get to come face to face with Sean (Sam Hazeldine) and he is able to shed some much needed light on the paranormal terror that seems to be stalking Matilda’s every move. They are caught here unable to go back home, using humans as a way of getting where they need to go.

It all circles back to Matilda, or rather Carys. She is the missing piece.

We are finally able to get a glimpse of these creatures, they are not there to cause all this strife, there is something bigger controlling them. This is when the suspicions start to creep into the viewers mind. With only a few more episodes left, we will have some of the answers. At least I hope that’s how it goes.

Who can be trusted? I don’t know anymore.

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.