Will & Grace (S09E15) "One Job"

Grace (Debra Messing) goes back home to celebrate her late mother’s birthday, it was one of her many wishes after her passing. Will (Eric McCormack) comes along begrudgingly, but knowing that Grace will be in need of his support. Old memories are bound to get dredged up and tears are going to be shed. Bobbi, who was always the life of the party was portrayed by the late Debbie Reynolds. It’s a touching tribute and goodbye to the late icon.

Grace butts heads with her sisters Joyce (Sara Rue) and Janet (Mary McCormack) over the potential selling of their childhood home. It brings up some hard emotions and truths. Her father, Martin (Robert Klein), is having a hard time moving on being faced with his late wife everywhere he goes in that house. It’s a sad realization when he confirms that he would like to leave. It’s a bittersweet moment, Grace doesn’t want to let go of the memories, but they will always be with her no matter where she roams.

While Grace is working through some unwanted emotions, Jack (Sean Hayes) is on the verge of a breakdown. He has poured his heart out to his boyfriend Drew (Ryan Pinkston), ready to make a bigger commitment, only to have his hopes dashed and his heart broken. Drew isn’t ready to settle down and this sends Jack into a downward spiral. Who else would he run to for support, other than his best friend Karen (Megan Mullally), who has some secrets of her own to overcome.

Karen and Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) have been meeting on the same weekend every year for a lusty tryst. There is an undeniable connection between the two, but Karen has been with her husband for so long she just can’t take the plunge and leave him. Jack is the one who discovers their secret and in his fragile state he vows to grow up and harden his heart, happily ever after doesn’t seem to exist after all.

Everything is changing so fast for all our beloved characters. Life isn’t letting them sit still, it is making them face the reality of each moment. Grace’s father misinterprets a gesture of camaraderie from Will as an invitation from to move in with Will and Grace until he can find a place of his own. There is no backing out of this situation, it will be interesting to see where this leads them next.

Will and Grace has its season finale next week. It has been a season of ups and downs, and it seems as though each character is coming into their own again. The groove has been reinstated and I can’t wait to see what else they do with this series.

You can catch the Season Finale of Will & Grace on Thursday, April 5th at 9/8c on NBC or Global. 

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.