Burden of Truth (S01E07) "Ducks in the Pond"

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Things get really interesting in this episode with regards to the case as earlier we see Joanne (Kristen Kreuk) lose hope on winning but due to a Nate coming out and offering her clues the law suit may now have a fighting chance. I was glad to see Joanna’s theory to be right and maybe now she can finally earn justice for the girls. What really shocked me this episode was learning of Steve’s back story what happened to him was really sad but now this discovery can destroy the CP’s specialist on his theory. Through further investigation Joanna discovers barrels dumped in the pond where Steve and his girlfriend used to hang out.

The more we learn of David Henley the worse his character gets and the clearer his reasons for leaving Millwood becomes.  Not only was he a terrible husband but a selfish and even worse father. His character is becoming one of the most annoying one in the show right next to the shady officer who is superior to Owen.  The town folks really seem to be narrow minded as they’d rather not get to the bottom of the girls getting sick as long as the Mill stays open but they have something coming for them since Joanna won’t rest until she gets to the bottom of it.

Joanna’s bad ass personality is really highlighted in this episode as we see her not back down from the town folk’s snarky comments and fight back which was really enjoyable. I love the fact that the writers have written her character as a strong independent and driven woman and all the other women in the show which is inspiring to any girl or woman watching the show. another interesting aspect was seeing the roles reverse with Molly and Dianne whereby Molly ends up listening to her problems and offer her advice  which was rather sweet of her. it showed a side of her that we hadn’t seen yet which turns out she’s a really wise teenager. and who knows if sports doesn’t work out she seems to have a knack at counselling which she could try.

Taylor Matheson seems to be getting worse with each episode with her symptoms slightly different than the rest of the girls which would have made the perfect face of the case since her father may be involved in the benzene dumping in the town. As for now it is still unclear if Ben is solely responsible and if he willingly dumped the barrels. If he is karma really is a bitch as his own daughter is paying for his sins.

As for the saying people get punched in Millwood being reintroduced was really entertaining especially when Billy punches Owen who was a total jerk about the case. Despite Billy being locked up the scene was totally worth it I just wish David also gets punched soon too. The case doesn’t get dismissed with the help of the judge which shows that the mysteries send drama is yet to unfold. Looking forward to see how the trial progresses and the new evidence that will come to light.

This episode was really quite intense and yet at the same time had some humor in it. The writers have done a great job at letting the story unfold as with each episode the show hooks you in and draws you even. As for the actors they are really projecting their characters well and we are yet to learn more about some of the characters and the history behind them which we’re all looking forward to.

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