Riverdale (S02E16) "Primary Colors"

Drama runs high in this episode when the Lodge’s plans for Riverdale get revealed and we see the core 4 try their best not to let it affect their friendship but alas there’s no running from the truth. What I found really refreshing and entertaining in this episode is Ethel (Shannon Purser) call out Veronica (Camilla Mendes) on her lies and actions which was long awaited if I may say. And in the midst of it Betty (Lily Reinhart) finally learns of her friend’s involvement with her parents prison plans which leads to them fighting and her refusal to be Veronica’s running mate. Could this be the end to their friendship only time will tell. As for Josie (Ashley Murray) we learn of her involvement with Ethel to take down Veronica despite it not being as grand as I expected it was nevertheless just as enjoying to watch.

We see the serpents being led by Jughead (Cole Sprouse) stage a protest against shutting down the Southside which was a great idea by him since had the Lodges tried to stop them it wouldn’t look good for them especially with Hermoine running for Mayor.  Unfortunately for Jug Archie (KJ Apa) ends up dismantling his protest at Hiram’s (Mark Consuelos) request which is really disappointing for his character. It seems Archie’s character is really going downhill lately and I hope the writers have a plan behind it and some grand plan which they may reveal later.

After Toni’s (Vanessa Morgan) amazing audition to join the vixens Cheryl (Madeleine Petsch) ends up asking the girls to come over for a sleepover where we see her reveal how terrified she is of her mother and uncle. And later on we see her reasons justified when Nana Rose suddenly ends up falling down the stairs. It’s quite shocking that her son is willing to get rid of her that easily. I’m glad to see the writers finally giving Cheryl an amazing individual arc and am looking forward to see how the Blossom’s story line plays out.

Finally we learn what us fans have always suspected that FP (Skeet Ulrich) and Alice (Maadchen Amick) had a romantic history which reveals itself after Alice learns of Betty and Jug’s sexual activities. Despite Alice denying that Chic may not be FP’s child her act wasn’t really convincing since if it’s not him nor Hal then who could it be? Really hoping to learn more of her past and how she ended up resenting the serpents. As for the Falice shippers I know the little information revealed has them hoping to see their ship’s past or even a future where their ship is canon.

Lastly another amazing scene was when Archie got a scolding from his mother for indirectly insulting his dad and taking Hiram’s side. Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald) finally got a little screen time where her character really shined in this episode when she gives Archie some hard facts to swallow which results to him asking Hiram to help his dad dissolve his association with Lodge industries. This leads to Fred announcing his running for the mayor’s office which may not be a bad thing as now Hermoine has some serious competition with an honest man whose main intention will be the betterment of Riverdale. And who knows he may even end up righting the wrongs the Lodges have committed and prevent them in the future from engaging in their shady dealings if he ends up winning.

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