Riverdale (S02E17) "The Noose Tightens"

Riverdale does it again with an amazing episode week after week. Seems like the writers were saving the best story lines for the last episodes. Let me just say I was impressed with this episode as it focused a little more on Cheryl (Madeleine Petsch) and not only that recently in the last few episodes we have been getting screen time of our favorite characters without any being sideline for the whole episode.

choni - Riverdale (S02E17) "The Noose Tightens"

Following up on last week’s episode after Cheryl was dropped at the silent sisters we see Toni (Vanessa Morgan) go out in search for her with the help of Jossie (Ashley Murray) and Veronica (Camilla Mendes) which was great to see the characters put aside their differences to look for a friend. Unfortunately Josie drops out of the search when she learns of Cheryl’s previous obsession over her. Still not sure whether she’s responsible for it since it could have been a ploy by her mother to stop her friends from looking for her.  As for the Choni shippers the last few episodes have been in their favor but this one sealed the deal for them I’m sure the shippers are happy and excited now that their ship is officially canon and are looking forward to see where their story leads to.

Archie (Kj Apa) seems really to be going downhill and acting irrational just to be on the Lodge’s good side. It seemed really stupid for him to claim he was responsible for some of the illegal stuff Hiram (Mark Consuelos) is responsible for who’s to say that this won’t come back to bite him in the ass in the future. And when he convinces his team mates to vandalize property of people who may be quite dangerous just to help out the Lodges is really disappointing not to mention dangerous and illegal. His character really disappointed me the most in this episode when he failed to show up to support his father.  I guess now we know where his loyalties lie.

Really loved the scene when his mom was leaving town and expresses her disappointment over him. Another interesting aspect was seeing him jealous of Jug (Cole Sprouse) spending time with his dad who knows maybe further on they’ll spend so much time in his campaign that it will drive him so jealous and finally get his priorities straight. As things progress one thing’s for certain eventually he will have to pick a side to stick on and let’s just hope he doesn’t disappoint his dad.

jug - Riverdale (S02E17) "The Noose Tightens"

As for the Coopers their sins finally catch up with them in this episode though still suspect Chic (Hart Denton) is responsible for everything that’s happened and he’s not as innocent as he lets everyone to believe. Due to certain events we finally see Alice (Maadchn Amick) kick Chic out of the house which breaks her heart while doing so. And on a positive note with the serpents helping them we see Alice finally embrace her serpent side and let go of her resentment towards them due to the help they offered. As for this episode the chemistry between FP (Skeet Ulrich) and Alice didn’t go unnoticed and the mysterious scene where she knocks on his door is it a hint the writers are giving us. Could this mean the writers are giving a chance to Falice? If so things are definitely going to be awkward with Bughead but who knows.

fp - Riverdale (S02E17) "The Noose Tightens"

This episode really highlighted Madeleine and Maadchen’s acting skills which were phenomenal amongst all the characters considering their character’s amazing arcs. The actors really captured the anguish and heart break which I as an audience really had me sympathizing with the characters.  And in this episode did the writers just hint that the Black Hood chapter may not be closed as we’d like to think and that there’s more to the story line? Only time will tell so I recommend for everyone to tune in and watch the next episode next week. There’s a lot to look forward to considering the musical being directed by Kevin (Casey Scott) which may or may not show Fangs and him hang out. Not to mention the prospect of the drama that will follow with Cheryl being the lead and the disagreement between the core four. One thing’s for certain the next episode is going to be an amazing episode which no one should miss.

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