The Goldbergs (S05E17) "Colors"

This week Barry and his JTP are fighting with Beverly and her Frentas over who can use the backyard at the Goldberg house. Beverly doesn’t want the JTP playing football in the backyard when the Frentas are having brunch, but when Barry tells her they might go to Andy’s house instead, Beverly feels threatened and gives the boys the backyard back. Bev’s friends point out to her that she got played. They decide to take the backyard back and that’s how they get into a turf war with the JTP (“Just like in the movie Colors”). Even Barry’s threat of going to another mom’s house doesn’t get Beverly to give up the backyard. While the JTP are trying to come up with a new plan to win their turf back, the Frentas get into a fight about their kids. So without having to do much, the JTP wins back the yard. Their victory doesn’t feel good though, knowing that they broke up the Frentas. Barry tries to make things right and eventually gets the Frentas back together.

Meanwhile in theater class, Ms. Cinoman (welcome back Ana Gasteyer!) tells the students they will be performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat in the local theater. Adam is very excited about this, but when he gets home, his dream of singing in this musical gets squashed by Murray who doesn’t want to drive him to rehearsal every day. Adam tries to come up with a plan to get Murray to like theater. He tells him that he got tickets to a Flyers game, but he actually got tickets for Joseph. However, when Adam sees Murray’s reaction to giving him the tickets, Adam decides to go to a Flyers game with his dad after all. And surprisingly, Adam loves it. Adam then thinks it’s time to take Murray to a musical. When they’re in the theater both Adam and Murray are optimistic at first, but Murray’s optimism is gone after less than a minute. He starts complaining about the seats and has trouble staying awake. They get into a fight, but Murray makes it up to Adam by getting Ms. Cinoman to change the school musical to Joseph, because Murray finally understands how much theater means to Adam. Even though they still have their differences, the story ends with Adam and Murray sharing a hug.

This was another enjoyable episode of The Goldbergs. I really loved the storyline between Murray and Adam. It’s great that Adam ended up liking hockey, and even though it would’ve been nice if Murray would have shown a bit of appreciation for theater, I think it was good to see that he kept hating it, but that he still wanted to be there for Adam. Like in the last episode Murray is showing a lot of development. Last week he said he wouldn’t like it when the kids get out of the house and it feels like this week he was showing that by supporting Adam.

The other storyline was fun as well, it was especially nice to see the Goldberg Girls back. It’s good to see that Beverly has found her group of friends now that she is trying to let go of her kids. I hope we get to see more of them as a group. The JTP is always fun as well. I really enjoyed Matt Bradley’s part in this week’s episode as the sensible character (“Your plan is predicated on the idea that these moms love cooking and cleaning, and I don’t think they do”) in this crazy group of friends. Barry was definitely my least favorite character this week. He was pretty horrible to his mom and didn’t really care for her and her friends. He did eventually make up with her, but I hope he realizes that that wasn’t a nice thing to do.

But besides that I quite liked this episode, that also included a very brief, but funny scene with Erica at college.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter, Goldnerds! The Goldbergs will be back April 4th, 8/7c on ABC!

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