Siren (S01E01) "Pilot" (S01E02) "The Lure"

Freeform, previously known as ABC Family has made a big splash with another spectacular Thriller Sci-Fi series. The network are mostly known for their dramedies but have took a turn for the better with adding breakthrough Sci-Fi hits such as Shadowhunters “The Mortal Instruments”, Beyond, and upcoming Marvel’s “Cloak and Dagger” Siren had a two hour premiere this past Thursday and it was a breath of fresh air when it comes to mermaids. It was dark, eerie, and mysterious.

In “Pilot” we see a group of fisherman sailing throughout a storm. The men figure they have caught a shark of some sort they realize that the creature they are dealing with is far worse than they could ever imagine. Curiosity only builds from there and we are left wondering just what exactly could it be.

Flash forward and we are introduced to the fictional coastal town of Bristol Cove, WA which just so happens to have a mermaid history of their own and from there I would like to say that the Pilot really set things up for the next 9 episodes. Without giving to much away we then meet Ben Pownall (Alex Roe) and Maddie Bishop (Fola Evans-Akingbola) who are Marine Biologists studying the sea life that wonders the waters near their home. The Pownall’s have a great history in the town of Bristol Cove because many centuries ago one of Ben’s ancestors was a crazy fisherman whose crew ultimately began the bloody and harsh mermaid genocide.

I was excited to finally meet “Ryn”toward the middle of the episode. She has one mission and one thing on her mind and that is to find her sister who was taken from the government the night the fishermen were attacked on board. Ryn is highly intelligent though speaks little English so far. She is fierce, determined, and definitely nothing like you have ever seen before. Ryn seems to have the ability to transform into a “normal” looking girl to a mermaid just by the drop of water. The transformation and use of special effects in the premiere were intriguing and I hope to see more from this show. In the past a lot of Sci-Fi/Supernatural shows seemed to have failed due to the lack of magic and glitz but I have a feeling that Siren will hold up and prove to be better.

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Pictured: Xander (Ian Verdun), Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola), Ben (Alex Roe), Ryn (Eline Powell), Donna (Sibongile Mlambo), Helen (Rena Owen)
Photos courtesy of Freeform

In episode 2, “The Lure” we find Ryn still desperately searching for her sister while Ben, Maddie and Xander (Ian Verdun) try to find their friend Chris who was taken from the ship during the storm due to his injury from a mermaid as well as help Ryn out to find her sister. With the help of (and I hate to admit this) but the town-kook, Helen Hawkins (Rena Owen) Ben and the viewers get a better look at the Pownall’s family history regarding mermaids and Ben wants to make things right. Ryn will not stop until she finds her sister and I am on the edge of my seat to see what havoc and chaos she causes next for Bristol Cove.

I am hopeful that this series will prosper due to the fact that I love how diverse the cast and characters are. My fins are crossed that Siren will cause the ocean floor to rumble!

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