Family Guy (S16E14) "Veteran Guy"

It begins at the Quahog thrift store.  The family, all of them, are shopping. It’ s a family outing. Peter wants a double deck tape player, from another century… like the 70s. And…
 Jim Henson died of a treatable pneumonia.
Stewie finds “girl power jeans” that blow his ass up, literally ; blowing it like an air pump, up. He thinks he’s turning into America Ferrera!  His big cheeks are admired by Chris, because he thinks he’s looking passable gay! #atlast

Cleveland & family enter. Seeing Peter, they pretend to be delivering, “the shirts off their backs” literally taking their clothes off, passing ’em to the cashier. #whocares
Peter finds a cap of the USS Nathan James.  He puts it on and is immediately thought to be a veteran by a passerby. Then one by one people give him thanks for his service. Of course, loves the adoration. It feels good. When Chris Collingsworth gives thanks “the stupidest guy in football”, he’s all in! #fake

For Peter, to be a veteran is even better than buying a bottle of “Newman’s Own”  Although it supports Jihad stuff!  #terrorist #sethcarpet
Later at the Broken Clam, Peter meets the boys and declares with joy,  that he is pretending to be a vet.  He’s wearing the cap and getting respect. Furthermore, he has hats for everybody… and sunglasses!😎 
Kenny Loggins (himself) is having sex with a teen groupie, who thinks she’s his daughter.  No worries, she’s not. Oh. And they use 2 of his songs.💰 #kaching 🎶🎸🎤

So the boys board Southwest Airlines as vets  for a flight because …they can. Eric Dane (himself) … & kids, give up their seats in the front of  the plane, cause that’s what Hollywood do… for vets. “I Never Knew!” Knowing the industry, Dane calls them out. The Nathan James is a ship in a movie! #fake #busted
They’re arrested for violating The Stolen Valor Act! The Judge is the Doctor, the Principal or…both!  #shortstaffed
Their sentence:  The Coast Guard, working the docks. Quagmire volunteers, although he ‘s really a vet and not charged.  Loved that reminder and touch of realism. . 

The next case on the docket,  The People versus Ted 2.  They flee the courtroom in horror. #sethcarpet
Welcome to the Coast Guard! They are shipped out to Fort Lauderdale for Spring break &  boobs everywhere. Residence, The James Buffett
The Sub Mariner Man is on their vessel. Who? He thinks he’s just like Aquaman, except he can’t breath underwater and make fish do things. #loser 
Because they’re in Florida. The  boys are playing, having fun  and lazy.  Quagmire, unable to show them the value of service, goes home. 
Saddened by Quagmire’s departure, the boys go outside to pee together.  They see and over hear “The Evil Frat Boys” planning to ruin Spring break by killing many people. They go to a bar to come up with a plan, over banana daiquiris. #epicfail
Due to the current situations in the very recent past, like last week 🔫  this “funny” may not be.  #toosoon. #guncontrol  But I’m  going with the spirit of  intent. It’s Family Guy #dysfunctional

Shout out to automatic bathroom sinks & faucets. They’re useless & suck
In a cutaway, they eat very salty Italian food, that’s served whenever someone says, “when you’re here, you’re family”  The Coast Guard Slogan…. #not #olivegarden
They attempt to stop the frat boys on The Booze Cruise, by walking up with hand guns, declaring, “you’re under arrest” by the U.S. Coast Guard  “cause when you’re here you’re family”  cutaway, salty food. The Frat Boys fire back with automatic weapons. So..,they run! 
However, Cleveland suggests a “Leroy Jenkins” a style of just walking up and shooting. They get their asses handed to them, video game style.

Quagmire returns and saves the guys.  But when the dance door stops vibrating a bomb will detonate. 💣. The girls twerk like Miley Cyrus trying to prove something to dad, to keep the floor rocking.
The episode was fast, Actually, that seems to be the preferred style this🤔 season.
The Seth Carpet is particularly…different; funny, and not always in a “lol” It’s  much, more, “ummm”. “What?!” and 🤔  “underlying truth? Making it more satirical than usual, is that possible? 

Never the less, I enjoyed it as much as I can enjoy the dysfunction of Family Guy humor
However, the best of this episode is Quagmire’s love and respect of the Navy/service people.  With the way he treats his sex parthers, who’da thunk it.  So #madrespect 
Oh. And Peter is bisexual, like all members of the Coast Guard. “I Never Knew!”

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