NCISNOLA (S04E19) "High Stakes"

Well this is a hard episode for me because Percy’s leaves N’Awlins by choice. 😔 *sigh
I found myself looking for signs of, “say it ain’t so” or ‘I’ll be back” I got nothing.  I found myself at least looking for some genuine sorrow for departure. Nothing
Every character seemed to be  forcing every dialog exchange, except, “Ms Loretta” and “Sebastian” It appears to be  more than an acting choice. It was a “hurry up” So much I sensed the sudden urge for the adventure of  the FBI to really be an “anywhere but here” for “Percy” …and Grant really wanted to go. #cantstandit

The cast appears in full agreement ✌ #deuces as Gregorio, the short lived roomie and LaSalle, the crush 😍 were the most obvious.
Perhaps some day on TMZ, wikileak, a Twitter leak or #metoo we’ll find out what really happened with  “Percy”…and “Brody” going out. I have more than an inquiring mind 🤔 Till then…
A gander of guys…& /or girls are riding bicycles, fast, fast, fast down, busy streets of New Orleans. A truck driver is looking at his phone, when he looks up, too late, He tries to stop. He swerves, knocking over cyclists, water barrels spill, his cargo, all over the street.  It’s a mess. Then a woman screams.  Out of one of the tubs of water there’s a dead body.


Back at the station, LaSalle and Gregorio talk about Percy they both want her to stay. Yet feel she’s gone, already.  No news. 
They’re all on edge about Sonja.  They all know she’s leaving; although it’s up to her. One of the many filler dialog exchanges. They have a case, so let’s roll. Gregorio & LaSalle
Miss Loretta is already there Yeoman Benson, white, drained of blood and looking water logged, has a single gunshot wound to the back of the head Point Blank, no exit.  The bullet is still in his brain, with fragments.
Percy shows up, ready for work. She’s staying, changed her mind; a girl’s allowed.

Laurel (Shanley Caswell) is graduating in a couple of months and she is working on moving back home… and I’m not interested in this family moment. Still on pins and needles, wanting for the other shoe 👡 to drop. All else is incredibly distracting. #byepercy
Benson was found to be a gambler; high stakes. He went to a game and never came back. Ethan Bennett was a target of a professional hit.
Benson was a regular at the Treasure Chest Casino. Patton came in handy here #addict
The Dragon Lady (Amy Collins) is a connection to the High Stakes underground games.  One can only get in by her “referral”  It’s organized crime. NCIS wants in.

To get the attention of the D’ lady  they got 10 large from the coffers of  the “suspense fund” #flush And Percy loses 18 large!  She calls in sick the next day! Amy Collins (Lucy Walters)  is “The Dragon Lady” Soccer mom, suburbs with an 8 year old son. #doublelife  She convincing in her ignorance. She only works for money; making ends meet. I understand!  She appears genuinely saddened the yeoman was murdered. LSU calls Dwayne. Laurel declined an offer to NY Philharmonic intern.

Kurt Young, (Dennis Oh)  made her do it. “Recruit” Navy personnel. If she doesnt get another mole they’ll hurt her son. Someone wants to get info from the Navy Research lab. STENNIS. Time to go under ground. #Persalle 💕
They look so good walking in together; glam. I’m sad…yet happy they work together one more time. One for the road.
Sonja loses 110k. Kurt covers her bet for Henry Chen, (Roger Yuan) the real boss. They have Chris for insurance!  #rutroh
Chen takes Sonja for access to STENNIS. Chris is leverage. Gregorio & Sebastian on rescue for LaSalle;  Percy enters STENNIS as NCIS, Kurt & Chen, “forensic experts”.

Patton finds Kurt & zp Chen are for MSS, Chinese CIA. #spies The Tetris Satellite is the mission.  
Percy, at gunpoint drives out of control to stop the mission. #cadillacescalade Nice, 👍 She turns the vehicle over. Pride saves her from being gunned down by the guards. Thrilling.
Gregorio & Sebastian save Chris. Laurel is going to NY.  Pops assures, “Don’t worry about me . Rita comes down from DC to visit” 😝 Not one of my favs. I’ll pass

And Sonja changes her mind again; Surprise! #FBI   Time to move on. Pride understands. We must “Give up sum’n to get sum’n” Tuesday Wisdom. right there. I’ll use it!  Sonja turns in her badge.
Hugs, tears, good by; so natter of fact. They go to the bar. #freedrinks

In an anticlimatic moment, Persalle hug, and will wonder what coulda been. So do I . Good bye, City Mouse 😔

NCIS New Orleans airs Tuesday, 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time on CBS 👁