Requiem (S01E05) "Bessie"

Things are starting to come to a head in this quaint little town. We are given a glimpse at the underground world going on within the community, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to pin point who can and cannot be trusted. The creators do such a wonderful job concealing the true threat. This is the second last episode in the season and we are finally opening up some doors.

Matilda (Lydia Wilson) is losing grip on everything she thought she knew. As her world steadily crumbles around her, she is left questioning whether it’s all in her head. Something keeps pushing her forward though, she isn’t going to give up without a fight. She is obsessed with uncovering what happened to Carys. After uncovering the room where she was kept as a child, Matilda enlists Laura’s help to put together the missing pieces.

Trudy (Sian Reese-Williams) and Hal (Joel Fry) have become close. They share a much needed connection in the chaotic hell that has surrounded them. No longer able to withhold some important information from Trudy, Hal shows her the pictures from that infamous mystery box. This helps to cement the suspicions she had about her father all along. Adding to the intrigue of the show, there are so many levels we have yet to uncover.

After receiving Matilda’s birth certificate, Hal delves into her claims that it was fake. Uncovering some twisted revelations along the way. With him getting so close to the truth there is this feeling of dread that washes over the viewer, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a victim. Matilda is out of reach, but he needs to break through to her, and this will be just the thing. Death and deception hold the key. Kendrick’s (Brendan Coyle) is the one he puts his faith in, but can he be trusted? We still don’t know.

Officer Graves (Clare Calbraith) has done some of her own digging, and has found that Ed ( Dyfan Dwyfor) and the newly released Aron (Richard Harrington) have been up to no good. Finding an enormous grow op on the edge of town only feeds the frenzy. This almost seems like a well planned distraction to hide the more diabolical realities. The disembodied voices seem to be everywhere now. Something bigger is on the horizon. Something dark.

Matilda seems to have the knack to find “the right people at the right time”. Although I believe the otherworldly creatures are only helping her along in her hunt for the truth. It seems to be falling together in a neat package. Making the discovery that there was not one child, but two who were held captive changes the aspect of the story even more.

As it goes, the prominent and well respected citizens are involved with this dark undertaking. We are able to see people for who they are in this episode. Everything is coming together as it should, perhaps Matilda should’ve stayed away after all. She was the missing piece and has fallen into their well executed trap.

So many questions remain.

Another child is in danger. Can Matilda get to him before they do?

Hal has fallen into the rabbit hole. Where has he gone?

Where is Sean in all of this?

Who CAN we trust?

These are thoughts that will continue to plague the viewer. There is only one episode left. They are coming, but will we be ready?

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.