The Americans (S06E01) “Dead Hand”

Season 6 starts in 1987 with a very busy Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and a very relaxed Philip (Matthew Rhys). It’s clear that the last 3 years have brought much change. The opening scene has no dialogue, just music (Crowded House’s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over).

Philip and Elizabeth are leading very separate lives at this point. Elizabeth is training Paige (Holly Taylor) with help from Claudia (Margo Martendale). Philip is retired form the KGB and seems to be embracing the American way of life, line dancing and all.

Oleg (Costa Ronin) is now married with a young son and also retired. That is until Arkady (Lev Gorn) knocks on his door asking him to return to Washington. It seems Gorbachev wants change and so do many others including Arkady.  Oleg is asked to speak with Philip and get him up to speed with what’s going on in Russia. Oh yeah, and to get Philip to spy on Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has a meeting of her own, a top secret meeting. She is introduced to General Kovtun (Michael Khmurov) part of Strategic Rocket Forces. He deliverers some devestating news to say the least. He tells her that now she knows about Dead Hand and can not be arrested. He then hands her this nifty necklace with a handy suicide pill hidden in the back. Looks like Elizabeth chooses the Old School Mother Russia side. Of course none of the information given can be shared, not even with Philip.

The meeting between Phillip and Oleg happens and it does not disappoint! Philip tries more than once to say that he is retired. Well Philip, you had a good 3 year run, but that’s about to change. Oleg tells Philip who Elizabeth met with and that he’s not sure if she is being used or has chosen the other side.  This is not just a request to spy on Elizabeth, but to stop her if necessary.
Paige runs into a little problem with a super creepy security guard while on the job. He asks for her Driver’s License and a secondary ID. Then he only gives back her license and tells her that she can have her College ID back when she meets him for dinner. Paige then tells Elizabeth what happened and being a protective mom, she tells Paige she handled herself well. I knew that wasn’t going to bode well for the security guard who Paige described down to his uniform and name. Elizabeth finds said security guard and stabbed in right in the neck to get the ID back.

Philip decides to wait up for Elizabeth, anxious to talk about what Oleg told him. Elizabeth is tired and just wants to go to bed. They argue and Elizabeth walks away. It appears that our favorite spy’s are on opposite sides. Not looking good folks.