The Arrangement (S02E04) “Scene 23”

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This was quite an episode filled with lots of drama and “OMG” moments. The episode was written by Jonathan Abrahams and Leah Benavides. It was directed by Alexis Ostrander. Shall we begin?

It’s Really Complicated: A Mess.

I found it quite ironic the 2 couples sitting across from one another in the limo. Kyle (Josh Henderson) and Megan (Christina Evangelista) making small talk with Terence (Michael Vartan) and Deann (Lexa Doig)(You know those Hollywood celeb types!) They are going to the premiere of “The Kill Plan”. (Odd? Movies becoming real-life tragedies!) #ANVIL! I loved this little slice of irony thrown in for good times. “Sometimes you have to lie through your teeth.” (Isn’t that the truth with you people! All day and every day!)  The next time we see everyone, Terence is all up in Megan’s business. He wants to know about her reaching out to her father… He’s got his name for her. Terence was ego-flexing here. Powerful men have this thing about establishing their “Alpha Male” status over women they want or want to claim. I have “the power” to do anything basically. Is it Megan’s weakness? I guess we will find out soon enough.

Single and Ready to Mingle with whomever I choose.

Would you have ever thought of yoga in this way? It certainly would have never crossed my mind. Terence (Michael Vartan) holds these “naked yoga therapy sessions” at IHM. Terence feels it’s his way of helping people and achieve a “higher enlightenment” and a “pathway to healing”.  It was only then Shaun (Carra Patterson) was able to make a breakthrough about her parents’ divorce.  Is Terence feeling the affects of near death experience, I would no doubt say yes. Is he trying to be a better person? I am still on the fence about this one. Is it Terence or Kyle? Who is really the bad guy here?  One of them? Or both of them?

I think something will be a trigger point for Terence and Shaun to have a moment. I am talking a romantic or sexual one. Will it backfire? I would say it depends where the allegiances lay. Shaun has much to ponder…
Is Terence worth it or does your friendship with Megan mean more?

You want someone else. Someone else wants me.

Terrance and Deann having sex!

Why is Terence (Michael Vartan) so interested in having a baby with Deann (Lexa Doig) now? (He is most concerned about his legacy! Terence now knows his legacy with Kyle is on shaky grounds at best. He needs his own seed.) This near-death experience has affected his life on all levels. Does he truly love Deann? Will he really love their baby? Why is all this important? Terence wants to be Kyle (Josh Henderson). He molded him and made him in his image. Someone has now come into Terence’s spotlight and taken his place. He doesn’t like this very much. In fact, Terence wants Megan (Christina Evangelista) too. If he gets bold enough.

He’ll take her from Kyle. I would not be surprised at all if this happens. Kyle is like a Ken doll. He looks pretty, acts decent, does what he is told, and can even direct. All because Terence made this possible. And you better believe Terence will never let Kyle forget that.  Does Terence really want to change though? I am having a hard time adjusting to this thought process.

Relationship Status: Third Wheel.

“Is Deann okay? She seems a bit off tonight.” – Kyle to Terence
We see Deann at Mason (Garcelle Beauvais) funeral. Wow. This must be so hard on her. Deann was bonding with Mason’s son, Wes (Jacob Artist). Well until he tried to kiss her. NO! I. DON’T. THINK. SO. YOUNGIN. You could clearly see the way he was giving her the “I heart you eyes”. That something was up. I knew Wes was into Deann… He’s been drooling over her since the funeral. Did Terence have a hand in Mason’s death? I believe so. The puppetmaster making everything work to his advantage. There is no love loss there. Terence wants his seed and he will do whatever it takes to get it. By any means necessary.

I have no other words except I’m cursed.

In reading thoughts on tonight’s episode from the show’s creator, Jonathan Abrahams.  “Escape was a theme we talked about in the writers’ room for this episode.” Which in its totality makes sense. Terence (Michael Vartan) was trying to “escape” his panic attacks and PTSD by helping other people. Kyle (Josh Henderson) was using “escape” to plug his new movie. Megan (Christina Evangelista) reasons for “escape” are running to old “frenemy” from the past. Is it the right thing to do? Probably not. Megan is very focused on her achieving her end game. Hope (Katherine Isabelle) is nutty. Megan misses a connection with someone she had a real relationship with. She can’t trust anyone at this point. Megan is still a risk taker.
When they met it was interesting, I caught a few clues.
Hope: “Megan Morrison.”
Megan: “Thank you for coming.”

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Compare that too:
Shaun talking to Megan: “I’m worried about me. Zach was the person you were supposed to meet yesterday.”
How I feel about both friends. Shaun (Carra Patterson) is a good friend and has been loyal to a fault. I think that tide will change if Terence (Michael Vartan) can bring her over to the “dark side”. Will he? Won’t he? Has he? One can speculate. Hope, (Katherine Isabelle) is a lot of trouble and calamity. She is full of revenge. Which poses the question “Why would Megan (Christina Evangelista) bring her back into her life after what she has done to her?”  I think it’s the essence of who Megan truly is. She cannot help but forgive her. I would trust only me, myself, Megan. Let’s see what she does though.

My Relationship Status: Waiting for a Miracle.

Kyle and Megan are waiting for something…

We watch as Kyle (Josh Henderson) is watching back a lovemaking scene with Megan (Christina Evangelista) in it! (I’ll be honest. I could not watch my fiancé in one.) Deann (Lexa Doig) is keeping an eye on Kyle. Deann says to Kyle: “That last scene fell flat. When you’re here you’re not here. I know you.” #ANVIL! The next time we see Kyle, he’s at home. He is on his laptop. All these people are making fun of him on his webpage? I really didn’t get the scene at all. I felt it was a trigger point. It’s all bubbling up. He is going to break, Kyle. #ANVIL

A little while later. Kyle and Megan are talking. She tells Kyle to read it. “Terence gave it to me.” – Megan  (Oh, wow! It’s the file on her Dad.) “Screw Terence. Screw the people who couldn’t be bothered to love us enough.” We need each other.” – Kyle
I was pretty blown away by his response to this. Instead of acting out (mad) or calling Terence and thanking him. Kyle took responsibility. He seems to be fed up with Terence, the power, and money he possesses. The Hollywood power and limelight. Kyle seems to only care about Megan and what they have.

The Arrangement ‘Scene 23” Random Thoughts:

  • Why do I feel like everyone is being upfront and honest here? Everyone except Megan. (Is it because her brother molested her?)
  • Is Kyle trigger points going to come to a boiling point in the next few episodes? (How long will it take for “Dark Kyle” to rear his ugly head?)
  • How long until the pressure effects Kyle and Megan’s relationship? (Xavier anyone?)
  • Who is going to die next?

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