Bull (S02E19) "A Redemption"

18 years ago, George Brown picked up his older brother, Ric from work. On the way home,  Ric stops at a “Quik Shop”  check cashing place. George remains in the car, bumping to music on the radio. Shortly thereafter,  Ric returns, short of breath, winded and demanding George, “go, go, go!”  

Today: Dad is with his baby girl in the backyard. It ‘s a bar b que. 2 Detectives arrive at the  James Grayson residence, looking for George Brown. George is wanted for murder in Staten Island. Janes is arreste, no handcuffs. He goes peaceably 
During the arraignment, Benny gets the luck of the draw. He’ s assigned for the defendant, because… he’s in court, just sitting there  😁  Oh. During this time, James Grayson confesses he’s George Brown. His wife has a WTF😨 look.  
George /James owns a restaurant, he’s in a bowling league and has a wife and 3 kids. He volunteers within the community and is just an ordinary guy; now facing 25 years to life for Felony Murder.

Richard Brown, his older brother, stole 8k.  Ric AND George’s finger prints were lifted from the gun. ADA also have a taped conversation, (is that legal?)when Ric called from lock up,  telling George to take the money and run. He did! No remand  #nobail
The wife, Kristina “Grayson”  wants Bull and Benny on the case. Bull is reluctant yet conducts an interview. George feared being charged with “A Joint Venture”  Ric called and told him to run…he did & for $300 he became James Grayson. So after 18 years, the restaurant booming; George/James went to get a liquor license.  ‘Forgetting about “George”  James gave his fingerprints. Boom…busted!  ADA Peluso will not accept a plea. It’s a murder. 

Generativity is “helping others for the betterment of the future”. It’s making a good life out of a bad situation, condition and circumstances”. That’s what happened with George/James and that’s the question for the jurors. Chunk gets a “D” on his paper. The Prof is dick and still hates TAC. He’ll need ’em before the season ends ‘Bet’cha! So Chunk preps George/James wife, Kristina;  just to be cool. 😎 The jury is watching her. How she looks and feels, her peace, let’s the jury know the kind of man George /James is. She speaks lovingly of him and how they named their children. Malone, the 1st born, cause its gender neutral. However…

He lied…again!  Malone and Elia were named for his dead parents! . She leaves the court, visibly distraught & disturbed. #rutroh  Chunk talks to her….about lies. He knows . Lied for 17 years to his #babygirl Once we start…😔 She shows up the day
The gun found had both brother’s prints. George’s prints were inconsequential. Ric was his roomie. Benny is brill. Every week, he doesnt disappoint.

Bull goes to Green Haven to visit Rick. Kurt Getty, “the murdered” was also his friend.  He was the store clerk.
Ric claims the gun wasnt loaded. The guy choked on his own vomit, while tied up and gagged. Ric agreed to testify. George didn’t know about the stick up.Peluso wants to bring in a pattern of lawlessness. He bought electronics, $10k as Grayson on credit and didn’t pay the bill.  It’s credit card fraud. What?! Arrest the country.😁 #debtorsprison

Enter Dani…then Cable. Dani finds  the old video of the robbery. Kurt’s death coulda been an accident. 🤔 Cable finds, Emery Cockburn, the $300 identity thief. It’s Benny time again in court. He goes in. George had an alibi…he was at work. It was another James Grayson. Emery sold the ID x2. Pattern of lawlessness not established.   Dani reviews the tape again…it was an “inside job” The death was an accident.

Ric testifies. He tells a tale of robbing the check cashing place, with his friend, Kurt the clerk! The video shows Ric’s concern when he realized his friend wasn’t breathing, as well as the phone logs of call exchanges.  Asking for a recess, Peluso wants to talk.  #snap
Bull is a bully and talks 💩 the ADA knows Bull can’t win, but neither can he! The Judge dismisses, per Peluso’s request.
George introduces himself to Kristina. #sweet 😍 Bull is witness to the reunion. He’s weepy, But “there are no tears in trial science!”
I really enjoyed the many twists and turns in this episode. Although a Bull outcome is predictable, the draw and “edge of ya’seat” is in the how.

This one was particularly good, cause I’d like to know does he help Ricky; robbery time served? After all, it wasnt murder, it was an “Inside Job” and…accident!  

Bull airs, Tuesdays @9:00 p.m. Pacific Time  on CBS 👁