Legion (S02E01) "Chapter 9"

We are catapulted back into the proverbial rabbit hole once more. If the first episode can say anything about how the rest of this season is going to go, viewers are in for a psychedelic mind trip. It’s one year later and so much has changed, and as always there is that feeling of uneasiness that spans the horizon. You know something is not quite right, but it’s hard to pin point just what it could be in all the chaos.

David (Dan Stevens) has been found! In the last episode of Season One he was taken quite abruptly by a flying orb. He struggles with the recollection of where he was for those 365 days he was missing. Disoriented and only believing he has been gone for a day sets up red flags with some of the members of Division 3. Yeah, you read that right. All the Summerland folks have migrated to Division 3, and instead of working against each other they are working together for a common goal, finding Farouk, “The Shadow King”.

Farouk has a strong grasp on Oliver (Jemaine Clemet). Aubrey Plaza is back, reprising her role as Lenny and she is up to no good, but that’s the way we like it. Without all this conflict and despair there would be no common goal to work towards. Farouk is in a race against time and Division 3 to find his body. Combining body and mind together would make him an unstoppable foe. The solution to this problem? David must race him to the finish.

All the usual suspects are back. Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) seems to be on edge and questions the validity of what David says, especially when he catches glimpses of his missing days. Syd (Rachel Keller) want’s to believe that David is telling the truth because they are together, but even her unwavering resolve is starting to falter. To try to fill in the missing gaps David is put into one of Cary’s (Bill Irwin) many contraptions, an “amplification” chamber. It’s meant to find Farouk, but it also helps to unlock David’s misplaced memories.

If you remember anything from Season One, you remember the ability the show had to play with your mind and leave you questioning your sanity. This season seems to go above and beyond that extreme, it works well in the Legion world. The Division 3 head boss is a mysterious man who wears a woven basket on his head, he is tailed by three “machines that bleed” A.K.A. “Vermillion”. They have been altered in such a way that their minds cannot be accessed by any outside forces, such as David. Oh and did I mention that these women have impeccable mustaches? Are you lost yet? Good. Then you are doing Legion the right way.

Not only do they have to race against the clock to stop Farouk, but they have to deal with the mental destruction he leaves behind. In his wake an “infection” has spread through any humans he happens to come in contact with. It causes the victim to become unreachable, almost comatose. While they are still standing they are unable to move, aside from the unsettling clatter of their teeth. There is something nightmarish about the whole thing, but I expect nothing less.

The pieces are starting to find their way back to David’s mind, although it wouldn’t be quite what you think. Cue the well-timed dance sequence, complete with a dance off between Oliver, Lenny and David. This opens a door that reveals the time he spent in the mystery orb. It seems as though future participants want him to know something, although I will not reveal what information he was privy to here. It’s certainly going to add an element of surprise to the rest of the season.

Nothing is ever what it seems. This is why we keep coming back.

The next episode of Legion airs Tuesday, April 10 on FX at 10/9c.

Photo: Screen capture.