Chicago Med (S03E14) "Lock It Down"

When a baby is missing at Med, the place goes on lockdown that leads to serious circumstances.

As Halstead treats a baby and about to send him up for more test, it turns out that the baby has gone missing and leads to Goodwin to lockdown Med til the baby is found. Goodwin gets Dr. Charles and Reese to help understand who would took the baby and where would they take it. As they search the hospital, Charles and Reese express their opinion that the person could be a mother that had lost her child before and searching for records it lead to one person, who happens to be caught on camera dressed as a nurse.

Thinking that she went to the newly built OB/pediatrics ward, but turns out that she was in the old building holding the baby. Charles tires to reason with her but Reese not only reasons with her but lies to her as well when taken the baby and the CPD take her.

With the lockdown in effect, it doesn’t do well when a trauma patient needs a cardiologist, but instead gets Ethan and April trying to fix the guys heart. They face-time Rhodes and Bekker, who are at a banquet, and while it’s not doing well from Rhodes’s end, he heads to Med.  As Bekker instructs  Ethan on working the patient’s heart, while Rhodes sneaks in the building in an old passage that leads him in the hospital and performing a successful job on the patient.

But it doesn’t end there when Noah’s patient couldn’t breath and he wasn’t around let along any other doctor. It leads Maggie to do the unthinkable but really rational decision to help first trying to tube the patient but couldn’t and that lead to placing a tract in her throat. It doesn’t go well when the patient has suffered from a stroke due to the lack of oxygen. It doesn’t look good for Maggie as she’s suspended for a week.

But it could get worst for #Manstead fans as what seems to be both are coming into good terms and plan to talk about what had happen in the last couple of weeks, turns worst for them. When they treat a patient, who’s suffering from respiratory issues, they learn that the patient”s cancer has grown and that there isn’t much they could do. But when Natalie tells Will that there was an experimental drug that would help shrink the tumor and thinks it’s the best treatment, but Will shoots her idea down.

But Natalie pursues the idea with the patient and wife and gets the treatment going, but later the patient goes into a cardiac arrest and dies. Later Goodwin learns about what happen and the experimental drug that was used and Halstead took the blame over Manning for it. It pissed off Natalie that he did it and when the test results show that the drug didn’t kill their patient but helped shrink the tumor down. Will tries to give the credit to Natalie but Natalie doesn’t want it but tells him that she wants to be respected as a doctor and not be protected even if they are in a relationship. But it put their relationship on a break for now (I hope).

“Lock It Down” was another intense episode putting the doctors and nurses of Med to tough decisions and circumstances. The character development was good along with the writing. I thought the Maggie and her decision as a nurse to put a tract for the patient was amazing storytelling and really should start a discussion: why can’t nurses tube or tract a patient? Also not to mention the storyline of Dr. Charles and Reese as she learned that Charles talked with her father as a patient and wouldn’t tell her. Also opening that she could or couldn’t be like her father after she lied so well to the mother that stole the baby. And the #Manstead storyline takes a dramatic turn as their relationship takes a break. Not only does it hurt as a fan but also I understand where Natalie is coming from seeing how Will has been all protective with her in the work area. Hopefully he will change. And not to mention Rhodes and Bekker, as Rhodes still has a thing for her. But what the hell was that look between Rhodes father and Bekker that seems very questionable?

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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